Real name:

Alfred Pennyworth






Thomas and Martha Wayne

Bruce Wayne

Lucius Fox


Gender - Male

Height - 6'0"

Weight - 160 lbs

Eyes - Blue

Hair - White/Grey

Portayed by:

Larry Lamb


The Knight of Gotham

The Knight of Krypton

The Knight of Fear

The Knight of Shadows

Alfred Pennyworth was Bruce Wayne's butler, guardian, and, above all, his friend.


Early LifeEdit


Creating a LegendEdit

During his service to the Wayne family, Alfred became a valued member of the household, Thomas and Martha trusting him with Bruce's guardianship in the event of their demise. When Bruce vanished for seven years, he was declared dead by Wayne Enterprise's CEO in order to claim his shares, but this plan was thwarted because Bruce left everything to Alfred.

When Bruce returned, he told Alfred that he was going to make Gotham a better place, like how Thomas and Martha wanted and attempted to. However, instead of feeding the poor and making the poor richer, he would go straight into the heart of the mobsters and criminals of the city. Alfred listened on, and helped him gain everything he would need.

Alfred helped Bruce arrange the order of the tools necessary for Bruce to become Batman that he could not acquire from Wayne Enterprises- such as the components of the cowl-, also encouraging him to feign a social life to deflect attention from the idea that he could be Batman. When the Court of Owls attacked Wayne Manor, Alfred helped fight againest them, and called James Gordon.

After Bruce learned about Thomas Wayne Jr. , Alfred revealed he knew about the child but never mentioned him because he thought Bruce didn't need to know about him, or else it might destroy him. He thought that Thomas would have a good life.

Healing a GodEdit

When Clark Kent came to Gotham, Alfred offered him a drink. After Clark went into his room, Alfred told Bruce that immedality, he knew Clark was different.

It was when Superman appeared into Gotham that Bruce believed Alfred. When Lex Luthor's bullets hit Superman, Alfred was able to to take out the bullets and give him sunlight.

Father, Bulter, and SonEdit


  • Alfred