"Amazon Queen" is the 3rd movie in the 3rd level in The DC Movie Universe


Keira Knightly as Princess Diana/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Michelle Pfeiffer as Queen Hippolyta

Chris Pine as Colonel Steve Trevor

Rebel Wilson as Etta Candy

Poppy Montgomery as Artemis

Rachel Weisz as Mala

Laya Lewis as Philippus

Elizabeth Banks as Veronica Cale

Hayley Atwell as Circe/Donna Milton

Penelope Cruz as Hecate

Sean Bean as Zeus

Colin Firth as Poseidon

Daniel Craig as Hermes

Daniel Day-Lewis as Hephaestus

Naomi Watts as Hera

Elizabeth Hurley as Athena

Maxwell Caulfield as Ares

Andrew Lincoln as Hades

Michael Ironside as Darkseid

Rupert Everett as Desaad

Pierce Brosnan as Steppenwolf


In the depths of the underworld, through the pits of Tartarus, in a torture chamber, the sorceress, Circe lies chained to a wall wearing blood-stained torn clothing, messy hair, and bruises and scratches all over her body. Her ex-husband, Hades then walks to her cell and greets her. Circe though tries to seduce him into letting her go, but Hades shrugs her off and instead curses her for trying to take over his kingdom. Circe though tells him that her goddess, Hecate will free her soon, but Hades doubts it and instead increases her torture, much to his delight. But Circe finds herself having some control over the dead due to her being Hades's ex-wife and has a dead soul bring her her magic mirror, the Mirror of Circe. When he brings it to her, she uses it to rejuvenate her magic and manages to free herself from her chains. She then uses her magic to blast her way through the underworld. Hades has his men attack her, but she manages to seduce them into making them her army. They then turn on Hades and lock him up in the deepest pit of Tartarus and then announces her plans to have her revenge on Hippolyta and to gain the soul of Hecate. She and her army then manage to escape through the gate to the underworld on Themyscira where she and her army attack the Amazons. The Amazons fight hard to defend their island from them, but Circe uses her magic to increase her army's power. Hippolyta then spots her, but Circe fires a spell at her that knocks her to the ground before she can attack her. Hippolyta and Circe then battle while Mala, Artemis, Philippus and the Amazons hold off the undead army. Circe though uses her magic to increase her strength, allowing her to defeat Hippolyta. She then tells Hippolyta that she plans on getting revenge on her by going after her daughter, who she fears may come into the possession of Hecate's soul due to them both being named after moon goddesses and then take over Mount Olympus. But before Hippolyta can do anything, Circe uses her magic to transform her and the Amazons into pigs, but not before offering some of them a chance to join her army, which at least 8 accept, including Philippus. She and her army then set off to find Diana.

At Washington, Diana and Steve enjoy a date together at a cafe when a talk-show comes on with the CEO of Cale Pharmaceuticals, Veronica Cale as a guest. When asked about Wonder Woman by the host, Veronica criticizes Wonder Woman for immediately being accepted into the modern world while she and other women work hard to become the successful people they are today. She then criticizes Wonder Woman's message of peace by saying that it's easy to say that when your an immortal Amazon warrior. This upsets Diana and is about to smash the TV when Steve stops her and tells her to not let people like Veronica get to her since every hero has their critics, like Batman. Steve then tells her they need to return to work and offers to drive her there, but she instead tells him she has her own ride, the invisible jet. She then flies off, leaving him at the cafe to pay the bill. At the Army base, Nurse Diana Prince is sent to the supply closet to get fresh bandages, but when she has a hard time finding it, Etta Candy ends up having to show her. But when they arrive at the closet, they find Hermes there, waiting for them. Hermes warns them about Circe escaping the underworld and her turning the Amazons, including Diana's mother, into pigs. He then tells her that Circe is after her to prevent you from getting the soul of her goddess, Hecate. Diana asks why she would want it, but Hermes tells her it's because they're both named after moon goddesses and that Circe plans to gain the power of the soul to overthrow Mount Olympus. Diana demands Hermes to take her to Themyscira to see her mom and sisters. Hermes is reluctant, but then gives in. Diana then has Etta cover for her and tell Steve while she and Hermes head to Themyscira.

At the island, Diana and Hermes arrive. Diana is horrified when she finds her mom and fellow Amazons as pigs and vows to take down Circe. At the Army base, Circe uses her sorcery to get into the Army base where she has her undead army attack the troops. She then attacks Steve and demands him to tell her where Diana is. Steve refuses, but he doesn't know where she's at. She then gets ready to kill him when Etta comes forth and tells her where Diana's at. Circe then uses her magic to seduce Steve and make him her slave. She and her army, including Steve, then transport to Themyscira. Wonder Woman and Hermes though takes out most of her army, but when Steve attacks him, she refuses to fight him and is almost killed by him. But she attacks him hard enough to just knock him out. Circe then decides to challenge her herself and the 2 face hand-to-hand. But when Wonder Woman gains the upper hand, Circe uses her magic to weaken her and is almost about to turn her into a pig, when Zeus, Poseidon, Ares, and Athena arrive and save her and help her fight off the undead. Zeus tells her she needs to get to safety and orders Hermes to take her to Mt. Olympus, but Wonder Woman refuses to leave her mom, sister, and Steve. Circe then uses her magic to get her and her army to retreat. Wonder Woman though is determined to stop her and takes off in her invisible jet, despite Zeus, Hermes and Athena's attempts to stop her. At Washington, Veronica Cale, when questioned about the recent attack of undead warriors at the Army base, angrily rants that the attack was all because of Wonder Woman, her presence in their world has put all of them in danger and led to the deaths of hundreds of brave soldiers. Circe sees her rant on TV and becomes interested. She then transports into Veronica's office. At first, Veronica threatens to call security, but when Circe offers to help her ruin Wonder Woman, she becomes interested. Veronica then accepts Circe's help, but makes it clear that if they get discovered, she had nothing to do with it, which Circe agrees. Wonder Woman continues flying toward America when Hera appears in the backseat of her plane.

Wonder Woman is hostile towards her, but Hera assures her she doesn't want to hurt her and isn't gonna try to convince her to not go after Circe. Instead, she tells her that Circe's very self-absorbed and is also willing to do everything to get what she wants and warns to be careful of Circe and then teleports away. She then returns to the Army base as Diana Prince and checks on Etta. Etta though tells her that a lot of soldiers are injured and the doctors are unable to heal them all. Diana though takes charge and orders all of the doctors to fetch her some supplies while some doctors and nurses help her tend to the injured. Within in an hour, Diana manages to successfully heal all of the soldiers, impressing Etta, the doctors, and nurses. Veronica Cale then broadcasts a message over the TV that she would like to meet with Wonder Woman to discuss the recent attack on the Army base by Circe's undead army. Etta though tries to tell her it's a trap, but Diana isn't worried because she's Amazon while Veronica is mortal. Later, Wonder Woman arrives at Veronica's office at Cale Pharmaceuticals, where she officially meets Veronica. Veronica though gets right to the point by blaming her for the attack on the base, but Wonder Woman defends herself by saying that that was Circe's doing, which she never had anything to do with. Veronica though also criticizes her coming to this world and instantly being accepted while she had to work hard to get where she is. Veronica then tells her that her mom was an alcoholic and her father was a married man who cheated on his wife with her mom. She then tells her that afterwards, her father's life fell apart as his wife divorced him and her mom encouraged her to stay in school so she can hopefully have a better life than her. Veronica then tells her her mom died of alcohol poisoning while her father abandoned her after he lost his house and money after the divorce and afterwards, she was raised by her aunt until she got accepted into Harvard and became the successful businesswoman she is today. Wonder Woman apologizes to her for her rough life, but Veronica scoffs at her and then signals Circe, who appears and uses her magic to weaken Wonder Woman. Circe then turns on Veronica by blasting her with magic and tells her she works alone. Circe then gets ready to turn Wonder Woman into a pig, when Veronica attacks her with a chair, distracting her long enough for Wonder Woman to regain her strength. Circe though gets ready to kill Veronica, but Wonder Woman manages to save her as Circe vanishes.

Veronica acts ungrateful to her for saving her, saying that she wouldn't need to be saved if it wasn't for her. Wonder Woman then leaves the building, but not before she tells Veronica that she isn't her enemy. Meanwhile, Circe uses her sorcery to disguise herself as a lawyer named Donna Milton, where she infiltrates the UN Building in New York. Once in the conference room, she goes before the world leaders and claims that she represents a US soldier that was crippled while on tour in England and was hit by a bomb during a weapon testing that's suing the England Royal Marines. The world leaders though just dismiss her and call security to escort her out of the building, which is when she finally reveals herself and uses her sorcery to summon her army and attack the building. In her invisible jet, Hera appears in the backseat and tells Diana to turn on the TV. When she does, she turns to a news broadcast about Circe and her army attacking the UN Building. Wonder Woman is confused and asks her why Circe would expose herself like that. Hera though tells her that Circe's doing to attract her attention, because she needs her to perform the ritual to summon Hecate. She then warns her to not go to the building, but Wonder Woman says that she must, since it's her job as a hero. Hera wishes her luck and teleports away as she changes her direction to New York City. At the UN Building, the UN's military forces attacks Circe and her undead army, but they're hopelessly outmatched. Circe uses her magic to transform the world leaders into pigs. When she corners the leader of Pakistan, he asks her why she's doing this, but she just tells him that she's doing this to achieve ultimate power and then turns him into a pig. Wonder Woman arrives and charges into the building and confronts Circe. Circe just smiles and says that she was expecting her as she has her army attack her. While she's busy fighting, Circe fires a magical blast at her that weakens her. Before she completely faints, she sees Circe smile evilly as she stands over her.

When Wonder Woman wakes up, she finds herself tied up in an ancient temple dedicated to Hecate, surrounded by Circe's army as Circe starts chanting a spell to summon Hecate. Wonder Woman tries to free herself, but it's too late, as Circe chants the final verse, causing the temple to fill with a blinding light. When it clears, Hecate stands in the center of the temple. Circe immediately bows before her god and tells her that she's summoned her so that she can obtain her soul. Hecate smiles and calls Circe her most devoted servant. She then places her hand on Circe's forehead and transfers her soul into her body. But, before she disappears, Hecate gives her a cryptic warning: "Upon the death of witch and the birth of witch, Hecate, by name and choice, shall repossess her soul." Hecate then disappears, but not before she tells Circe that she'll always be with her. She then turns to Wonder Woman, who asks her what's going on. Circe tells her that she's always wanted the power of Hecate's soul, who was respected by Zeus, but never joined the Twelve Olympians. In a flashback, Hecate meets with Zeus on Mount Olympus. Zeus tells her that while he respects her power and godhood, the other Olympians don't favor her well. Hecate begs him to try and make sure she becomes an Olympian. Zeus tells her he'll discuss it with the other Olympians, but doesn't make any promises. Later, Zeus talks with Poseidon, Hades, Athena, Hera, Hermes, Hephaestus, Ares, and the other Olympians. While Hades favors Hecate well and says that she'll make a wonderful addition to the council, the others don't. Hera isn't fond of Hecate due to her closeness to Zeus, fearing her stealing her husband. Ares and Athena don't like her due to them not knowing a lot about her and says that it could make the other gods and goddesses believe they can join the Olympians and overthrow Mount Olympus. Athena also insists that since the dawn of time, the Olympians have always consisted of the 12 original gods. Hephaestus also tells them that Hecate's beauty exceeds his wife, Aphrodite, and votes no in honor of his wife. Hermes also votes no. The next day, the Olympians give their verdict to Hecate and tell her that she's not an Olympian, much to her disappointment. Hades though comforts her and tells her that he voted yes and thought she would've made a great Olympian. The 2 then start spending time together, until one day, Hecate introduces Hades to her follower, Circe, and they quickly fall in love and marry. But Hades found out that she fell in love with Odysseus when he washed up on her island, causing Hades to lock her up in the depths of Tartarus.

Wonder Woman though asks how she's involved, but Circe tells her that Hippolyta seduced Ares into voting against her due to her fearing her power and wants her revenge. She also says that since she's also named after a moon goddess, like Hecate, she might be after Hecate's power, which rightfully belongs to her. Circe then says that now she has the power, she can avenge her goddess by destroying Mount Olympus. She then transports Wonder Woman to Tartarus to be eternally tortured. But, once she's transported to the underworld, she manages to angrily escape. She then hears someone calling her and finds out it's Hades, who's chained up and is being repeatedly whipped and stabbed by underworld demons. Wonder Woman though kills the demons and stands before Hades, who begs her to release her father. Wonder Woman though says that he may be her biological father, but he isn't her true father and that she knows who her family truly is. Hades though tells her that she doesn't free him, then Mt. Olympus will be destroyed and the gods will be overthrown and that he can give them the advantage. Wonder Woman then reluctantly releases Hades and then wonders how they're going to get to Olympus, but Hades shows her his private passage, which leads to Olympus. Wonder Woman though says that they'll need their own army. Later, the 2 arrive at Themyscira, where the Amazons are still pigs. Hades, at first laughs at Hippolyta's new form, and then uses his powers to transform them back. Wonder Woman though says that there's one last thing she must do.

At the Army base, Diana Prince visits Etta at the Army base and tells her that Steve is in trouble and that she'll need her help since she also loves him as well. Etta though tells her that it's ok, since Steve chose her and that he loves her just as much as she loves him. Meanwhile, Circe and her army march through New York towards the Empire State Building, where Mount Olympus lays atop. Later, Wonder Woman visits Veronica at Cale Pharmaceuticals, who's watching a news broadcast about Circe's rampage. Wonder Woman tells her that Circe's the real threat, not her, but Veronica insists that it's her fault she's attacking them in the first place. Wonder Woman though tells her that that doesn't matter right now since she needs her help. Veronica says that she will, but for her world, not hers. Veronica then gets a call in her office from her assistant, Leslie Anderson, who's being attacked by Circe's army in the lobby. Wonder Woman tells Veronica that she's in charge of a pharmaceutical company and has access to billions of drugs and suggests dealing them out to Etta, who's leading the U.S. army against Circe's army, and her army to give them an advantage. Veronica agrees, but tells Wonder Woman that this doesn't change anything. Wonder Woman then flies off on her jet to Themyscira, where she gathers up the Amazons and rallies them to save Olympus. She and Hades then leads the Amazons to Mt. Olympus, where they take on Circe and her undead army. During the battle, Hades leaves to go take care of Circe while Artemis and Mala fight off the undead. They then meet up with Philippus, who betrayed them and joined Circe. Artemis calls her a traitor, but Philippus tells them that she's simply doing what any Amazon would do, join the winning side. Artemis attacks her and the 2 fight, until Philippus stabs her in the stomach, weakening her and forcing Mala, who's Philippus' friend, to fight her. Mala takes on Philippus, who viciously attacks her. Mala tries to convince her to stop and help them defeat Circe, but Philippus says that soon, Olympus will fall and they will take over and be the ones in power, causing Mala to realize that her friend's gone. She then fights back and defeats Philippus and then kills her by slicing her throat open. She then tends to Artemis and the 2 rejoin the battle.

In New York, Etta and her army receive drugs from Cale Pharmaceuticals, which enhances their strength, allowing them to gain the upper hand against Circe's army. On Olympus, Hades meets up with his brothers, Zeus and Poseidon, who are surprised to see him, but Hades tells them that he only wants to take back what Circe stole from him. The 3 brothers then fight side-by-side once again as Ares thrives from the battle below, enhancing his power. Athena though reminds him that if Olympus falls, then they'll all be overthrown and overpowered, causing Ares to rejoin the fight. Hades then meets with Hippolyta and greets her, but as she's about to attack him, Hades saves her from an enemy from behind. Hippolyta tells him that she wants to face Circe herself, but Hades says that Circe's his to face. He then leaves to confront her, but Hippolyta follows him. During the battle, Wonder Woman runs into Steve, who viciously attacks her. Wonder Woman defends herself and tries to snap Steve back to his senses, but to no avail. She then lowers her defense and lets him attack her if he's truly evil. Steve then attacks her and is about to kill her, when Wonder Woman shouts at him that she loves him as she starts to sob. She then kisses Steve, snapping him back to normal. He then admits his love for her as well and tells her that he'll do anything for her. But Wonder Woman tells him, through her sobs, tells her that she doesn't want to lose him anymore since he means so much to her. She then knocks him unconscious and has Hermes take him to safety. She then meets with Hephaestus, who warns her about going after Circe, but Wonder Woman insists on stopping her, so he gives her a magical sword and shield that he forged for her when the time was right. Wonder Woman thanks him and runs off to fight Circe.

Hades confronts Circe and threatens her to return control of the undead to him and he'll give her a swift death. Circe though uses her charms to try and seduce Hades. Hades, at first, resists her and is about to attack her, but instead, he kisses her. He's then about to attack her when she attacks with her magic, severely weakening him. Hippolyta then arrives and draws her sword, ready to fight Circe. Circe grows angry at the sight of her and blames her for not making Hecate an Olympian, but Hippolyta tells her that that's not true. Circe refuses to believe her and attacks her, but Hippolyta attacks her and tells her the truth. She tells her that Ares actually conspired with Athena, Hermes, Poseidon, Hephaestus, and Hera to vote no. In a flashback, they all meet and talk about Hecate. Athena points out that Zeus favors her and maybe she deserves a chance. Ares though disagrees and says that if she becomes an Olympian, then that means one of them is gonna go. Poseidon then asks him if he has a suggestion. Ares tells them that they must all vote no and somehow convince Hades to vote against her, but Athena says that that will be difficult. Hera says that she'll try to convince her husband, but Ares convinces her not to, saying that if Zeus is suspicious, they'll all be suspicious. They then all agree to vote against Hecate. Back to the present, Circe is shocked at this and stops fighting. She then blasts Hippolyta, severely injuring her. Wonder Woman then arrives and is angry when she sees her mother injured. Circe though tells her that it wasn't just Hippolyta that voted against Hecate, it was all of the Olympians, which is why, instead of taking over Olympus, she's now going to destroy it. She then sizzles with magic and attacks her. Wonder Woman though uses her new sword and shield to attack and defend herself. Circe's magic gets stronger as she prepares to destroy Olympus. Wonder Woman though tells her to not destroy it, since if she did, it would ruin Hecate's chance of ever becoming an Olympian, which will shame her in the eyes of her goddess, which causes Circe to stop. Circe though angrily attacks her with a magic blast. Wonder Woman though deflects it and tries to get closer to her. She then uses the last of her strength to pierce her chest with her sword, weakening Circe. Circe collapses and knows that she'll soon join Hecate. She then makes Wonder Woman promise to make sure that they never forget about Hecate, which she promises to do. Circe then closes her eyes as her body starts to disintegrate and disappear. On Earth and Olympus, Circe's army disappears into thin air, causing everyone to cheer.

Later, on Olympus, the Olympians, including Hades, thank Wonder Woman for saving them all and tell her that she has the makings of a true hero, like Hercules or Perseus. Wonder Woman bows before them and turns to leave. But before she can leave, Hades confronts her and thanks her for saving him and her mother. Hades tells her that despite everything that he's done, he does truly love her, as well as her mother, but he knows that he can never make amends with them, because of his power and position. Wonder Woman though tells him to stay away from her and her mother and that she never wants to make amends with him, because he's a soulless, cold-hearted tyrant. She then leaves Hades, saddened and upset. On Themyscira, Hippolyta gathers up the Amazons to honor Wonder Woman, as they all cheer. Hippolyta tells her how proud she is and that she'll make a great queen. Hippolyta then takes off her crown and offers her to take the throne. Wonder Woman thanks her, but refuses, saying that they might be ready for her, but she's not ready for them and says that she still hasn't truly accomplished her mission to save man's world. Hippolyta smiles and remarks how grown up she's become and tells her that if she wishes to truly save man's world, then she should represent Themyscira among the world leaders at the UN. Wonder Woman gladly accepts that and promises to represent Themyscira. Later, on a hilltop, Wonder Woman finds Steve watching the sunset. Steve tells her that while he understands and is touched by what she did, he still doesn't like it since he can handle himself and is a soldier, dedicated to risking his life for his world. Wonder Woman though tells her that that's her job as an Amazon and warrior and that she never knew love until she met him and when he was taken from her, it hurt her. She then tells him that her responsibilities are too much for them to be together and sadly breaks up with him. Steve tries to talk her out of it, but Wonder Woman angrily insists that they can't be together, but then admits that she'll always love him. Steve admits he'll always love her and the 2 share one last kiss, before Steve sadly leaves. He flies off in his jet, but not before he takes one last glance at Wonder Woman and then sadly flies away. Wonder Woman sadly watches him leave and then grabs her sword, lasso, and shield and flies off to save man's world.

In a post-credits scene, on the planet, Apokolips, Darkseid sits on his throne, when Desaad arrives and tells him that they've lost contact with the Parademon scout they sent to Earth 2 months ago and says that perhaps the heroes of Earth may know about their plan. Darkseid though says that he'll send another scout to Earth, but this time, someone more capable. He then summons his uncle, Steppenwolf. Darkseid tells him to go to Earth and learn everything he can about these heroes of Earth, which Steppenwolf agrees to. He then activates a Boom tube and goes through the portal to Earth.