Arkham Bridge
Arkham Drawbridge
General Information
Official name: Arkham Asylum Bridge
Created by: Sci100
First Appearance: The Knight of Gotham Trilogy
Galaxy: Milky Way
Star System: Sol
Planet: Earth
Country: United States of America
Locale: Gotham City (TJLMS)

The Arkham Bridge is one of 4 Bridges in Gotham City.


To get to Arkham Island, Amadeus Arkham paid for a drawbridge to be made. The reason for a drawbridge was so if any patients got out, they had a least-likely chance of escaping. Only when the bridge was created did he then create the Asylum.

The Knight of FearEdit

The Bridge was the only one not blocked by Black Mask's Men. After Scarecrow began his attack on Gotham, he snuck his guards into the asylum, and lowered the bridge. Then all of the patients escaped.

The Knight of ShadowsEdit

This was the only bridge not destroyed by the League of Shadows, as it didn't need to be destroyed.


  • In most versions, the Asylum doesn't have a bridge.