This is how my movies would be if Warner Bros did this. It will be fro 2013-2029

Phase One Justice

Man Of Steel- 2013-already made

Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice-2016- Lex Luthor, Metallo

Wonder Woman Wrath Of Ares-2017

Green Arrow-2017

The Batman-2018- Court Of Owls

The Flash-2018 Captain Cold, Heatwave

Justice Leauge-2019- White Martians, Checkmate

Phase Two Rise Of Justice

The Batman Gotham Guardian-2020- Catwoman, Red Hood

Man Of Steel 2-2020- Parasite, Brainiac

Green Lantern / Flash team up-2021-Zoom, Sinestro

Green Arrow 2-2022

Wonder Woman Age Of Circe-2023

Justice Leauge 2 Rise OF A.M.A.Z.O- 2024- Amazo

Phase 3 Cosmic

Teen Titans-2025

Green Lantern Reboot-2026

Man Of Steel 3 : Doomsday-2027

The Batman Caped Crusader-2028

Green Arrow 3-2029

Justice Leauge 3-2030

Teen Titans 2-2030

Phase 4

Superman 4-2031

Flash 3-2032

Batman Under the Red Hood-2033

Wonder Woman 3-2033

Justice Leauge Injustice For All-2034

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