"Battle For Atlantis" is the 6th movie in the 3rd level in The DC Movie Universe


Trevor Donovan as King Orin/Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Felicia Day as Queen Mera

Michael Rowe as Prince Orm Marius/Ocean-Master

Logan Lerman as Garth/Tempest

Emma Roberts as Tula/Aquagirl

Donald Sutherland as Nuidis Vulko

Don Cheadle as Cal Durham

Stephan James as Kaldur'ahm/Jackson Hyde/Aqualad

Cary Elwes as Atlan

Keith David as David Hyde/Black Manta

Russell Crowe as Tom Curry

Teri Hatcher as Atlanna

Simone Missick as Sha'lain'a/Lucia Hyde

Laura Spencer as Hila/Siren

Kevin Michael Richardson as King Shark (voice and motion capture)

Bug Hall as Lagoon Boy (motion capture) and Topo (motion capture)

Emma Stone as Dolphin

Colin Firth as Poseidon

Rosario Dawson as Kako

Eric Schweig as Koryak

Robin Atkin Downes as Charybdis (motion capture)

Alex Pettyfer as Arthur Joseph Curry

Michael Ironside as Darkseid

Helen Mirren as Granny Goodness


8 months after Justice League 2: The Injustice League, Ocean-Master finally returns to one of his old hideouts, mentioning that he's been hiding out on the surface since he escaped capture and Aquaman has been raiding his many underwater hideouts. When he returns to the base, he finds some of his followers and happily greet him upon return. Ocean-Master though announces to his followers that he has plans for a full-scale invasion of Atlantis and vows to assume the throne that he rightfully deserves. He then orders his men to quickly gather his men and assemble his army. Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Orin and the royal staff prepare for Mera giving birth as her water breaks. While Orin comforts his wife, Vulko checks her vitals. Orin then demands to know where Orm is, but Vulko tells him that Orm is still leading the search party for Ocean-Master's whereabouts. Mera then has a contraction as Orin and Vulko struggle to keep her comfortable. The Royal staff are desperately running around, trying to contain the situation as Mera has more contractions. Arthur though clings onto her hand as he tries to soothe her and remind her to focus on her breathing, while Vulko waits for the doctor to arrive. Suddenly, Mera starts screaming as she tells them that the baby is coming, forcing Vulko to start delivering the baby, which he successfully manages to do and tells them that it's a boy, much to Arthur and Mera's glee. After Vulko and the medical staff clean the baby and cut the umbilical cord, Mera finally gets to hold the child as she and Arthur are both overwhelmed with joy while they try to figure out a name for the baby, but are unable to think of a good one, so Arthur suggests that they call him Arthur "AJ" Jr. for now until they think of a different name, which Mera happily agrees with. Orm then finally arrives and berates himself for missing the birth of his nephew as Arthur and Mera happily introduce him to Arthur Jr., causing Orm to joke that he's now cursed with the same "ridiculous surface name" as his father. While Mera continues holding AJ, Arthur takes Orm outside of the room and asks him on the whereabouts of Ocean-Master, but Orm tells him that they searched through all of his known hideouts, but they were unable to find him, but they had a few confrontations with his followers. Arthur angrily curses their luck as he tells Orm that he wishes for Ocean-Master to be found immediately, due to his plans to overthrow him and rule Atlantis, but Orm assures him that they'll soon find him. Arthur then returns to Mera and the baby, while Orm contacts one of his followers and orders him to retrieve a certain ally from the surface world.

On the surface world, in a prison transport van heading to Belle Reve, Black Manta sits in chains, reminiscing about his former life as David Hyde, a former Navy Seal that was proud to serve his country and grew up as a child in a small fishing village, where he would always play by the sea. In a flashback, one day, during a deep-sea training drill, the Seals, including his friend, Calvin Durham, had to learn to conserve their oxygen tanks by putting less oxygen in them and having them dive to the base before their oxygen runs out. During the drill, David outswam the other cadets and bragged about reaching the base first, despite Cal warning him to swim slower, but David started overexerting himself, quickly losing his breath and falling unconscious as his body drifted to the ocean floor. When David wakes up, he finds himself in a beautiful room, with a lovely woman sitting at his bedside. David though asks where he is and what happened. The woman though tells him that he's in the underwater city of Shayeris and introduces herself as Sha'lain'a. David then remembers his mission and tries to get up to return to his unit, but is too weak to move. Sha'lain'a then tells him that he was without oxygen for 3 minutes before she found him and urges him to rest. The next day, Sha'lain'a offers to show him around the city, but David tells her that he lost his scuba mask and is out of oxygen, so Sha'lain'a casts a spell on him that allows him to breathe underwater for 24 hours. She then shows him around the majestic underwater city of Shayeris as she explains to him that Shayeris is a city-state that resides within the kingdom of the King, who lives in the capital city, Atlantis. That night, as she continues showing him the town, she asks him if he ever saw anything so beautiful, but David replies that it's the second most beautiful thing he saw and kisses her, which she reciprocates.