• The Awesome Jack

    Well, first of all...

    Merry Christmas! (to those who celebrate it)

    If you don't, well..uh...happy December 25th! uh... nevermind.

    So, what exactly is the character competition?

    The competition is for a user to explore the potential of one character, must be their own creation, in depth. Their hopes, fears, dreams, motivation, appearence, and whatever else a user deems necessary. However, more in depth probably highers a chance of winning. Characters can be any sexuality, any race, any gender, could be from any series, however, it must be a users own work. 

    Without further ado, here is the first ever Character Competition for BTFF Wiki Fanon Con!

    Tech, who also goes by the names of Teknois Neferus Logical and his real name of Isaac Matthew Logical, …

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  • Spongefan820


    October 10, 2015 by Spongefan820


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  • Paperluigi ttyd
    The Fanon Con Writing Contest can be found here, but this line would only be added when the contest was released.

    [host speech as normal]

    Users who have signed up for Fanon Con will be on chat at the following times for presentations and questions:


    • 7:00 PM EDT: User A
    • 9:30 PM EDT: User B


    • 10:00 AM EDT: User C
    • 4:00 PM EDT: User D
    • 8:30 PM EDT: User E


    • 12:30 PM EDT: User F
    • 5:00 PM EDT: User G

    Each presentation lasts for about 30 to 45 minutes.

    [submissions posted here after the last presentation ends]

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  • Batman99

    The DC Entertainment Universe is a whole setting which holds movies, TV shows, and even Comic Books tied to each other somehow. Each will connect stories to one another.


    Wave 1-

    1. Batman: Revolution
    2. Superman: Unleashed
    3. Princess Of Amazon
    4. Green Lantern: Infinity
    5. Flash: United 
    6. Aquaman: Unlimited
    7. The Martian
    8. Justice League X
    9. Teen Titans: Rising
    10. Society Of Justice

    ​Wave 2-

    1. The Outsiders
    2. Earth-2
    3. Princess Amethyst
    4. Supergirl: The Girl Of Steel
    5. Plastic Man: Origins
    6. Superman/Batman: The Beginning
    7. The Ame-Comi
    8. The Legend Of Shazam
    9. Hawkman: Reborn
    10. Lobo: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter 
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  • BeholdtheVision

    Hi, I've started a fanon adventure called "teen Titans Live"! Go here for the experience.

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  • Sci100

    It's time to make your own Justice League Member.


    1. If you are going to make a picture, must not contain inapporiate pictures and/or name.
    2. CAN NOT BE a picture of yourself in real life.
    3. Can not have JL Member younger then 18.
    4. No images releated to any form or group of religion
    5. If you use an image that someone else made, give credit
    6. Pictures are NOT required

    Enter Submissions in comments in this format:






    When They Entered the League:



    Image: ( Put image here )

    This Contest is for the next month. Good Luck!

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  • The Awesome Jack

    Okay, first of all I don't care about whether or not you think this is relevant. Blogs are to expressed you thinking freely and for others help and improve an idea to adjust it or to show their feelings.

    Ok Sci. Sci is the second greatest friend to me and he absolutely loves Batman. He is the Sci Knight. Sci has talents in making posters, writing extraordinary stories and is obsessed with Batman.

    Toon is like, my bestest friend on Wikia and we actually met in real life. He claims to be a Batfan but I think he still loves his Superman (=P) and so this is Toon's talents. Although Toon is still a great writer, he strengthens more in making people feel better about themselves and offering his help to whatever it is you need. From art to writing …

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  • The Awesome Jack

    So, I saved up and I bought THE BEST BOOK EVER!

    Here is the link to it on Amazon.


    Comment below if you want info. on a character/villain.

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  • The Awesome Jack

    Like Sci, I am greating a Justice League franchise that starts off with Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash and Hal Jordan. Then Like Sci's I will have more heroes and more until the Justice League is complete. Also their sidekicks become Young Justice while they are the Justice League.

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