Bruce Wayne was the CEO of Wayne Enterprises, but was also Batman, protector of Gotham City and a founding member of the Justice League of America

Batman (Gary's DCU)
General Information
Real name: Bruce Wayne
Aliases: Batman
Affiliation: Thomas Wayne (father), Martha Wayne (mother) (both deceased)
Portrayed by: Michael Fassbender
Appearances: Batman: The Gotham Guardian


Pre-The Gotham GuardianEdit

Around the age of 6, Bruce met and became friends with Renee Montoya. While playing with her on the front lawn, Bruce tripped and fell down into a cave filled with bats. Since this moment, Bruce always had a fear of bats. With the help of Renee, Bruce's father Thomas managed to save his son. When he was 8, Bruce's parents were killed by Joe Chill after he saw The Gray Ghost Strikes! with his family. Shortly following the death of his parents, Bruce cried for help, kneeling over the dead bodies of his parents. Chill fled the alley, and Bruce was later comforted by James Gordon, commissioner of the GCPD, who assured the young Bruce that everything would be alright. After this, Bruce went home with Alfred, the Wayne family butler.

10 years after the death of his parents, Bruce met Vicki Vale, fellow student at college and a rising reporter of the Gotham Gazette. Bruce and Vicki became close and began a relationship. Two months later, they broke up when Bruce decided to become a martial arts expert and left Gotham. When Bruce returned 4 months later, they decided to remain friends.

Batman: The Gotham GuardianEdit