1.Justice League 2.Teen Titans
3.The Outsiders 4.Justice League International
5.Justice League Dark 6.Superman
7.Batman 8.Wonder Woman
9.Green Lantern 10.The Flash
11.Aquaman, King Of Atlantis 12.Martian Manhunter
13.Justice Society Of Earth-2 14.Legion Of Super-Heroes
15.Hawkman&Hawkgirl 16.Captain Atom
17.Firestorm&Black Lightning 18.Team Spectrum
19.Green Arrow 20.Hawk&Dove
21.World's Finest:Batman/Superman 22.World's Finest:Superman/Wonder Woman
23.World's Finest:Green Lantern/The Flash 24.World's Finest:Power Girl/Huntress
1.Justice: Trinity War 2.The Blackest Night
3.The Brightest Day 4.Titans: The Judas Contract
5.Justice League: Journey Of A Villain 6.Green Lantern: The War Of Krona
7.Justice League: The Atlantean Invasion 8.Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again
9.Batman: The Journey Of Bruce Wayne 10.Superman Vs. H'El

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