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DC Universe is a 2D animated show based on the entire DC Comic Universe.

Plot Edit

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Season One Edit

In the distance future, Brainic has taken over the world killing off whatever superpower human stands in his way and inslaving the entire population. Leaving a small pocket of rebels to be dealt with. Lex Luthor, a broken man both physically and emotionally tries to redeem himself of a past failure. A that if corrected, could have saved the entire planet from it's doom. Though he can't do it alone. Supplied with a canister that grants any human being superpowers, Lex Luthor struggles to reach the South Pole, more specifically the Fortress of Solitude. Where he must meet an old enemey in his first step to saving the human race.

Episodes Edit

Season One Edit

  • 101. "Calling all Heroes"
  • 102. "Showcase"
  • 103. "Surface"
  • 104. "Template"
  • 105. "Activity"
  • 106. "Count"
  • 107. "Before the Nightfalls"
  • 108. "Undertake"
  • 109. "Hidden Plans"
  • 110. "Violent Nature"
  • 111. "Lightest"
  • 112. "Revival"
  • 113. "Knightfall"