"Emerald Guardian" is the 5th movie in the 3rd level in The DC Movie Universe


Josh Hartnett as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern II/Parallax

Adrianne Palicki as Carol Ferris

Tom Hardy as Sinestro

Jonathan Ke Quan as Thomas Kalmaku

Andre Braugher as Kilowog

Kevin Michael Richardson as Mogo (voice) and Ion (voice)

Michael Caine as Tomar-Re

Peter MacNicol as Salaak

Miguel Ferrer as Carl Ferris

Ray Liotta as Martin Jordan

Winona Ryder as Jessica Jordan

Dakota Gayo as Hal Jordan (Age 9) and Jason Jordan

Nick Offerman as Jack Jordan

Sebastian Stan as Jim Jordan

Carly Pope as Janice Jordan

Reese Witherspoon as Jillian Pearlman

Julianne Hough as Susan Williams

Francesca Capaldi as Helen Jordan

Robin Atkin Downes as Arkillo (voice and motion capture) and Ch'p (voice)

Clancy Brown as Parallax (voice)

Andy Serkis as Amon Sur (voice and motion capture)

Brian George as Appa Ali Apsa

Susan Douglas as Sayd and Scar

Rene Auberjonis as Ganthet

Alexander Polinsky as G'nort

Aaron Yoo as Sodam Yat/Ion

Kim Mai Guest as Katma Tui

Bill Nighy as G. Gordon Godfrey/Glorious Godfrey

Richard Gere as Alan Scott/Green Lantern I

Michael Cudlitz as Guy Gardner

Lance Gross as John Stewart

Tom Welling as Kyle Rayner

Kate Hudson as Alexandra DeWitt

Michael Ironside as Darkseid


On Oa, Sinestro sits alone in his cell, cursing Hal Jordan's name. Tomar-Re then arrives to deliver Sinestro's food, but Sinestro angrily tosses his food tray away and refuses. Suddenly, Tomar-Re is blasted with a laser blast, knocking him unconscious as an alien named Arkillo walks over to Sinestro's cell and uses Tomar-Re's keycard to unlock his cell. Sinestro thanks him for freeing him, but asks him who he is, but the alien just tells him that he's a fan and helps him escape through the garbage chute, which leads them to Arkillo's spaceship. Salaak then arrives to check on the prisoners and finds Tomar-Re lying unconscious on the floor and Sinestro's empty cell, causing him to alert the Guardians. The Guardians then put Oa on lockdown as the Green Lantern Corps searches the planet for Sinestro. On his ship, Arkillo reveals that he stole Sinestro's yellow ring from lockup and gives it back to him, restoring Sinestro's powers. As they try to escape in their spaceship, Kilowog spots them and he, Salaak, and G'nort chase after the spaceship. Sinestro though uses his power ring to power up the spaceship, weakening the Green Lanterns' rings and allowing him and Arkillo to escape from Oa.

On Earth, 15 years ago, at Ferris Aircraft, a young Hal Jordan and his mother, Jessica arrives to see Hal's father, Martin's demonstration of a new fighter jet. Once they arrive, Hal and Jessica see Martin talking with Carl Ferris and Hal runs into his father's arms. Hal then tells Martin that he's excited to see him fly his jet, as Carl tells Hal that he should be very proud of his father. Martin then asks Jessica where their other sons are, but Jessica tells him that Jack is on a date and Jim is at home with the babysitter. Carl then escorts Hal and Jessica to their seats as Martin prepares for his demonstration. As the demonstration begins, Martin takes off in his fighter jet, showing off the jet's weapons systems and aerial speed, while Hal watches in awe and Jessica smiles. But, when Martin starts flying higher up through the air, the jet starts malfunctioning. In the crowd, Martin contacts Carl and tells him that the jet is malfunctioning, but Carl tells him that the jet isn't built to withstand high altitudes and orders him to eject from the plane. Martin though refuses and insists that he can land this jet as the plane starts to catch fire. Martin then starts flying the jet down towards the ground. While the crowd starts to panic, Hal runs to the front of the crowd and watches through the fence as Martin's jet crashes to the ground and explodes into pieces, killing Martin, much to Hal and Jessica's horror. Suddenly, Hal wakes up in a cold sweat from his nightmare, waking up his girlfriend/boss, Carol Ferris. Hal then tells her about his nightmare as she tries to comfort him. Hal though tells her that he always wondered if his father, Martin, who was known for being fearless, experienced fear on that day before the jet crashed. Carol then asks him if this is because of his brother, Jack's reelection as District Attorney and his brother, Jim visiting the city.

Later, at Ferris Aircraft, Hal and Carol arrive late, causing Carl to berate Carol for being late, due to her position as the CEO. They then turn on the TV and watch Hal's older brother, Jack's press conference, where he and his family face a crowd of reporters and photographers as Jack announces that he's running for reelection as the District Attorney. Suddenly, a black van pulls up to the press conference and armed men get out and start firing their weapons into the crowd as they head towards Jack. As they watch, Carol nods to Hal, who runs off and changes into Green Lantern. He flies through the air and arrives at the press conference in time, saving Jack and his family by creating a bulletproof green dome around them and then uses his ring's power to disarm and defeat the armed goons. Jack, unaware that Green Lantern is his brother, Hal, thanks him for saving him and his family, but Green Lantern just nods and flies off. As he flies off, a reporter in the crowd, Susan Williams starts taking photos of Green Lantern and smiles. In space, Sinestro thanks his alien savior for rescuing him as the alien introduces himself as Arkillo. Arkillo then tells Sinestro that he's a big fan of his work, especially after his attack on Oa and the Green Lantern Corps 2 years ago. Sinestro promises to reward his new friend, Arkillo for helping him escape and decides to give him his own yellow ring, which Arkillo appreciates. Sinestro then plots the ship's course for the planet, Qward. On Earth, Hal gets ready for a test flight as his best friend, Thomas Kalmaku runs a systems check on his plane. Hal thanks Thomas for his help and gets ready for his test flight, as Carol wishes him good luck over his communicator. Before he sets off, he sees a photo of Martin and Carl in the hangar, causing him to start sweating, but he brushes it off and takes off in his jet. As Carl, Carol, and Thomas monitor him from the control room, Hal tells them that the new jet flies very well as he shows off its aerial capacity. Hal then shows off the jet's weapon capabilities, while Thomas encourages him to start flying the jet higher into the air to test the jet's altitude capacities. Hal accepts and begins flying the jet higher, until he starts flying the jet too high, causing Carol, Thomas, and Carl to order him to stop and fly lower, but, as his instruments start malfunction, Hal begins having flashbacks of his father and begins to panic. The plane eventually catches fire, causing Hal to eject from his plane, but his parachute doesn't open up. Hal then panics as he reaches for his ring and tries to use it to save him, but the ring refuses to obey his commands. As Hal continues falling through the air, after a few feet from the ground, Hal tries to concentrate and gets his ring to start working, saving him from the fall. Hal then assures Carol, Thomas, and Carl that he's alright, much to their relief. Later, as Carol and Thomas check up on Hal, Carol notices his ring on his finger and asks him about it, since he never wears the ring when he's in flying in a jet, but Hal tells them that he only wore it because of his nightmare last night and that he needed it for comfort and didn't expect to use it. Thomas then asks him what happened in the jet, but Hal tells them that he just froze, until their voices snapped him out of it and he ejected, but when his parachute didn't open, he was forced to use his ring to save himself. As Carol comforts him, he tells her that he never felt like this before, but Carol tries to tell him that he had a slight panic attack. As Hal and Carol are about to kiss, Hal's ring beeps and Appa appears and orders Hal to return to Oa immediately for a Green Lantern Corps emergency. Hal though tries to tell him that this isn't a good time, but Appa insists that Hal returns to Oa. Hal apologizes to Carol and promises to make it, along with the crashed jet, up to her. He then changes into Green Lantern and flies off towards Oa.

On Oa, Hal arrives and is greeted by Kilowog. Hal then asks Kilowog what's going on, but Kilowog tells him to let the Guardians explain it to him. Hal then asks about Tomar-Re, but Kilowog tells him that Tomar-Re is in the infirmary, but he'll be fine. Hal and the other Lanterns then gather as the Guardians announce that their prisoner, Sinestro has escaped, much to Hal's shock. Ganthet then announces that Sinestro didn't break out, someone helped him escape, which confuses Hal. Hal then steps up and asks the Guardians who it was, but the Guardians have no answer. Hal then asks why they had to alert him back to Oa for this, but Sayd tells him that, due to Sinestro's last escape, they felt the need to warn him since Sinestro is likely coming after him and heading towards Earth. Hal then insists that they send a search party to find him, but Appa tells him that they already sent Ch'p, Sodam Yat, and their newest recruit, Katma Tui to search for him. Hal though insists that they send him to go after him, but the Guardians refuse and order Hal to let the Corps handle this and for him to stay out of this, due to his personal history with Sinestro. The Guardians then dismiss the Lanterns. Hal though is angry at the Guardians for having him stay out of this, but Kilowog and Salaak agree with them since Sinestro is after Hal. Kilowog then tells Hal that he knows that he'll do something reckless that could get others hurt and tells him that, for once, to stay out of this matter. G'nort, one of the newest recruits, then goes over to Hal and nervously tells him that he's a fan and asks for his autograph, which Hal obliges before asking for the Lantern's name. G'nort salutes him and tells him his rank number as Hal gives him his autograph. Hal then asks Kilowog and Salaak about G'nort as they tell him that G'nort is their latest recruit and is a good kid, but is clumsy and goofy and isn't performing well in his drills and exercises and can't even remember the oath. Hal though assures Kilowog that he can help G'nort become a great Lantern. Hal then remembers something and says goodbye to Kilowog and Salaak and tells them that he needs to return to Earth. As he leaves, he wishes G'nort good luck and tells Salaak to tell Tomar-Re hello for him. He then flies off towards Earth.

On Qward, in the anti-matter universe, Sinestro and Arkillo arrive as Arkillo wonders what they're doing here. Sinestro though tells him to be patient as he consults the Weaponers of Qward and tells them that he needs them to make another yellow ring for Arkillo. The Weaponers though insist that they could barely create Sinestro's ring, due to the rarity of the yellow element, but Sinestro threatens them to make the ring. Arkillo then tells him that many beings across the galaxy have been inspired by Sinestro and can instill great fear on their worlds and even tells him that they're willing to join him. Sinestro twirls his mustache as he suddenly gets an idea from the emblem of his yellow power ring. He smiles as he orders the Weaponers that they'll need to create more yellow power rings and welcomes Arkillo as the first member of the "Sinestro Corps." On Earth, Hal arrives at the airport to pick up his younger brother, Jim, but arrives late as Jack and his family arrive to pick him up. Jack's children, Jason and Helen happily greet their uncle, Hal, while Jack simply glares at him. Hal then greets Jim as the 2 brothers reunite. Suddenly, they're ambushed by Susan Williams, who arrives to interview Jack after his recent assassination attempt and rescue by Green Lantern. Jack though tells her that he was just lucky that the Green Lantern was able to protect him and his family and then tries to get her to leave. Susan though notices Hal and Jim and tries to get a photo of the Jordan family for the newspaper. But, when her camera focuses on Jim, she stops and starts staring at him, but then brushes it off and takes the photo. As she leaves, Susan calls her publisher and tells him that she thinks she knows who the Green Lantern is. In a flashback, Hal, Jack, Jim, and Jessica attend Martin's funeral, where Carl comforts Jessica. The next day, Jessica spends the day in bed, wallowing in grief. Hal then walks in to check on her. Jessica though tells him to leave her alone, but Hal refuses and crawls into bed to hug her. Jessica then cries as she hugs Hal tightly. She then tells Hal that she doesn't want him to follow in his father's footsteps and forbids Hal from becoming a pilot, which Hal promises that he won't. Back in the present, as Hal drives Jim home to his apartment, Hal talks to Jim about how Susan was looking at him, but Jim brushes it off and asks Hal if he's fine, especially since the strained relationship between him and Jack. Hal though assures him that he's fine and that he and Jack are fine. Jim though assures Hal that he doesn't blame him for what happened to their mother and knows that he did what he did because he wanted to follow his dreams. He then mutters that he hopes Jack can finally put that behind them and move on. Hal smiles as he tells Jim that he's glad that he's in town.

On Qward, Sinestro orders the Weaponers to hurry up with the yellow power rings, but they insist that they can't be rushed. Sinestro then tells Arkillo that if they're going to make his new Corps successful in destroying the Green Lantern Corps, they must first retrieve a "necessary ally" from Oa. On Oa, Sodam Yat, Ch'p, and Katma Tui return from their scouting mission and they report to the Guardians that they haven't found Sinestro or his ally anywhere, but the Guardians believe that Sinestro is on Qward, which is outside of the Guardians' jurisdiction. Meanwhile, as they head towards Oa, Sinestro tells Arkillo the story of the Ion entity, which embodies the green light of will and that Ion was the first living being that ever willed itself to move and was born from the green wavelength of the "Emotional Spectrum" and is currently sealed inside the Central Battery by the Guardians. Sinestro then tells Arkillo the story of the Parallax entity, which embodies the yellow light of fear and that Parallax was the first living being to experience fear and was born from the yellow wavelength and is also sealed inside the Central Battery by the Guardians. Sinestro then reveals that he plans to free the entity of Parallax to aid his Corps in destroying the Green Lantern Corps. On Earth, Hal introduces Jim to Carol and Thomas. While Thomas gives Jim a tour of the facility, Carol asks Hal about the meeting on Oa and Hal tells her that Sinestro has escaped and may be coming after him. When Carol asks him what he's going to do, Hal tells her that he'll stop him, any way that he can. At her office, Susan Williams does research on the Green Lantern and recovers stories from years ago, about a hero named Green Lantern, who wore red and had a cape. As Hal and Carol talk, G. Gordon Godfrey's show comes on TV, where he goes into a tirade about Green Lantern using his "dangerous alien powers" to save Jack from his assassins and warns his audience that Green Lantern's powers can't be trusted, especially when compared to the abilities of the other members of the Justice League. Carol though shuts off the TV as Hal complains about Godfrey giving the League a bad reputation and even mentions when Flash crashed Godfrey's show and made the League look worse. In a flashback, a 21-year old Hal joins the Air Force and is leaving to go to an Air Force base. At the airport, Jim wishes him luck, while Jessica begs Hal to not go, since she doesn't want her son to risk his life flying planes like his father, but Hal assures her that he'll be fine and says goodbye to them. Later, at the Air Force base, as Hal tries to find his bunk, he bumps into another pilot, Jillian Pearlman, who helps Hal find his bunk and offers to show him around the base tomorrow. Back in the present, Sinestro and Arkillo arrive at Oa, where Sinestro has Arkillo attack the Corps to keep them distracted while he goes to free Parallax from the Central Battery. Arkillo then starts attacking the Green Lantern Corps, alerting the Guardians as Kilowog, G'nort, Ch'p, Salaak, Katma Tui, and Sodam Yat try to stop him. Arkillo though overwhelms them with yellow energy, weakening them. At the Central Battery, Sinestro stands in front of it and uses his ring to detect Parallax's presence inside. Before he can free it, a weakened Tomar-Re confronts Sinestro and orders him to stop. Sinestro though tells Tomar-Re that he doesn't wish to hurt him, since he was a good friend to him in the Corps, but Tomar-Re confronts him about his betrayal and attack on Oa. Sinestro though tells him that he had to, because he needed more power to save his planet, Korugar, more power than the Guardians were willing to give him, which is why he sought after the "Yellow Element." He then tells him that he plans to free the entity of fear, Parallax from his prison, but Tomar-Re warns him that if he does that, he'll be unleashing chaos and destruction across the galaxy and that the Parallax entity requires a host. Sinestro though ignores him and uses his yellow power ring to knock Tomar-Re unconscious.

Sinestro then uses his yellow power ring to free the ancient entity, Parallax, alerting the Guardians. As Arkillo continues to fight the Green Lanterns, Parallax uses its powers to drain the Green Lanters' powers, rendering them powerless as the Guardians try to stop them. Appa, Ganthet, and Sayd use their powers to try to stop Parallax, but are powerless against it. Sinestro and Arkillo then try to lead Parallax back to Qward with them, to make some "final preparations." On Earth, Hal is alerted about Sinestro's attack on Oa and quickly flies to Oa, where he finds the planet in ruins. He asks for what happened as Kilowog tells him that Sinestro has a follower, who also has a yellow ring. Salaak then tells him that Sinestro seems to be gathering his own Corps to destroy Oa. But, Katma Tui and Sodam Yat though are wondering about the yellow creature that drained their powers. The Guardians though tell them that the creature is called Parallax. Ganthet explains to the Lanterns that Parallax, the entity of fear, and Ion, the entity of will, were both sealed within the Central Battery and that Ion powers the Battery, giving the Lanterns their powers, but Parallax is an entity that's powered by fear and that Sinestro has unleashed it on the galaxy. Hal angrily berates them from keeping this from the Corps, but Appa insists that it was to protect the other Corps members from finding out the truth. Hal almost angrily attacks Appa, but is stopped by Kilowog, as Appa mutters that they should've gone with one of the other "candidates" from Earth. Hal asks him about the other candidates as Sayd reveals that Hal wasn't the only Earthling considered to get a Green Lantern ring. They then use their powers to show him visions of the other candidates, where he first sees a vision of a football player named Guy Gardner, who suffered an injury, ending his football career and became a police officer in Baltimore. He then sees another vision of a former U.S. Marine named John Stewart, who now works as an architect in Detroit. Hal is shocked that there were other candidates and asks why he was chosen, but Ganthet tells him that when Abin Sur died, he was the closest candidate near him and was chosen out of luck. Ganthet though mentions that, technically, Hal wasn't the first Earthling Green Lantern, but Appa dismisses him, telling him that the other Green Lantern obtained his power from magic, not from the Central Battery or the Emotional Spectrum. Hal then insists that they should go after Sinestro and stop him before he gathers his Corps, but the Guardians insist that they are on Qward, which is outside the Guardians' jurisdiction and their power rings are powerless against the yellow power of fear. Ganthet though suggests that they use another source of power from the Emotional Spectrum, the power of hope, but Appa quickly dismisses him and insists that they don't want what happened with "Krona" to happen again.

Suddenly, another Guardian, who has a scar, appears, much to Appa and Sayd's surprise. The female Guardian tells them that Hal's right and they must strike first and attack Sinestro and Parallax before they destroy Oa. Appa though insists that she doesn't get a say in matters, since she was exiled eons ago. G'nort though asks her about her scar, which she says that she received when the Anti-Monitor was first created millennia ago. Ganthet then tells that Scar was Krona's assistant in creating the Anti-Monitor, which was why she was banished. Scar though insists that if the Corps is going to "win the War of Light," they must make the first move and take no prisoners and eliminate anyone that stands in the Corps' way. Sayd and Ganthet though disagree with her and tell her that her ideas and views was what led to her exile before. Scar though insists that they'll need her soon enough. The Guardians then order Hal to return to Earth to defend his home, in case Sinestro attacks the planet, but Hal insists that he can help the Corps on Oa. Kilowog and Salaak though assure Hal that they'll call him if they need his help. On Qward, Sinestro and Arkillo return with the entity, Parallax. Parallax telepathically communicates with Sinestro, telling him that it's power is growing weak and needs a suitable host quickly. Sinestro assures him that he'll find a host soon enough. The Weaponers then tell Sinestro that the yellow power rings are ready, much to Sinestro's delight. Sinestro then sends Arkillo to recover the Yellow Central Battery from the Forbidden Zone. Sinestro then creates a chant for the Sinestro Corps as he disperses his yellow power rings throughout the universe, recruiting several vicious alien inhabitants across the galaxy. On the planet, Ungara, Amon Sur, the son of Abin Sur, attends a meeting of the Black Circle Syndicate, where one of the members mentions the Green Lanterns Corps's victory over the Anti-Monitor and the Manhunters from last year, causing an angry Amon to kill the member. Amon then angrily screams that he loathes the Green Lantern Corps and especially his father, Abin Sur, who abandoned him and his mother due to his duties to the Corps. When one of the members mentions his father's death, Amon reveals that he refused to attend Abin Sur's funeral service and is disgusted that his father's ring and legacy has been passed over to a "primitive" human. Suddenly, there's a bright yellow light shining through the window as a yellow power ring flies inside. The power ring says, "Amon have the ability to instill great fear within others, now take this ring and use its power and join the Sinestro Corps." Amon is reluctant at first, but then accepts and takes the ring, which immediately sends him to Qward. In the Forbidden Zone, Arkillo finds the discarded remains of the Yellow Central Battery and uses his power ring to restore its power and carries it back to Qward. On Qward, as Arkillo arrives with the Central Battery, Sinestro welcomes his new recruits to the "Sinestro Corps" and tells them that they've all been chosen because they can inspire great fear in others and have been chosen to aid him in overthrowing the Green Lantern Corps and establishing themselves as the new dominant power of the universe. The members all cheer as they chant, "In Blackest Day, in Brightest Night, beware your fears made into light, let those who try to stop what's right burn like his power--Sinestro's might!" In another flashback, as Hal finds his way around the Air Force base, he's surprised to find out that Jillian Pearlman is his commanding officer as she addresses her new cadets. As she addresses them, she smiles and winks at Hal. Later, Hal confronts Jillian about being his commanding officer, but Jillian tells him that she was just as surprised as him. Jillian then orders him to attend to his jet and get ready for a practice drill. As Hal finds his plane, he sees a mechanic named Thomas Kalmaku being harassed by the other pilots, due to his Vietnamese heritage. Hal though defends Thomas and even attacks them when they punch him. Jillian though breaks up the fight and orders them to their stations. Thomas then thanks Hal and introduces himself to him, while Hal introduces himself and the 2 shake hands. Hal then asks Thomas for his help in repairing his plane, which Thomas agrees to. Back in the present, on Earth, Hal contacts Carol and tells her that he'll see her soon, since he's done with his duties on Oa and even offers to take her out to dinner, which Carol accepts. Hal then heads to the library archives and does some research on a Green Lantern, who wore red and had a cape. As hours go by, Hal reads multiple stories about him, learning about his involvement with the JSA, along with another hero, The Flash, and that he defended Coast City during the 1940-50s, until he suddenly vanished without a trace. Hal though uses his power ring to access the Oan databank, where he finds multiple reports about a "Green Lantern" on Earth, who wielded a green power ring that didn't draw its power from the Central Battery. After looking through the databank, Hal eventually finds this Green Lantern's name, Alan Scott.

In Keystone City, Alan Scott arrives at his house and finds a note from his wife, Molly, who tells him that she'll be gone for a while and won't be back for hours. Alan though hopes that she's not planning a big surprise for his birthday, since he hates surprises. He then finds multiple messages on his answering machine, from his kids, Jennie and Todd, who both wish him a "Happy Birthday!" Alan then hears a knock at his door and finds Hal when he answers it. Hal asks if he's Alan Scott, but Alan reluctantly denies that he is and asks who he is. Hal though shows him his power ring and introduces himself after he insists that he's a friend. Alan quickly lets Hal inside his home. After Alan makes some tea, Alan asks if he's one of those "Green Lantern Corps" fellows that he heard about. Hal though asks how he knows about the Corps if his ring isn't connected to the Central Battery or the Guardians. Alan though tells him that he recently heard about a Green Lantern in Coast City and figured he was a member of the Corps. Hal then asks about his ring, which Alan has kept in a drawer. Alan takes it out, along with the Lantern, and shows off its powers. When Hal asks where he gets his power from, Alan tells him that he gets it from the Starheart, which is the Lantern, which contains mystical energy from an ancient race. Hal then asks Alan how he found his ring, so Alan tells him his origin story, when Alan was a young railroad engineer back in 1939, right before WWII. Alan tells him that while working on the railroad one day, a train was heading down the unfinished track by accident. When the train crashed, a strange glowing object fell from the sky and protected Alan. The Starheart revived Alan and bestowed upon him the power of the "green flame", which bestowed upon him a green power ring, giving him incredible powers. As he received the ring, he got multiple visions of the universe, including a vision of the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps. Alan then tells Hal that he became inspired by the vision and became the Green Lantern, defending Coast City from gangsters, crime lords, mad scientists, etc. Alan then tells Hal that, in 1951, Alan was visited by the Guardians, who came to Earth after hearing about a "Green Lantern" on Earth. The Guardians though realized that his powers came from the Starheart, which was created by the Guardians' ancestors, and allowed him to continue fighting crime as Green Lantern. When Hal asked what happened, Alan tells Hal that during his time with the JSA, after the war, the government began to fear them and their power, forcing all of them into retirement, including Jay Garrick. Alan then tells Hal that he retired in the 70s and even married his former arch-enemy, Rose Canton a.k.a. Thorn and fathered 2 children, who know about his superhero activities. Hal then notices a photo of Rose in the kitchen as Alan tells him that Rose died in 1985 from cancer. Alan though mentions that he actually got remarried, marrying his other arch-enemy, Molly Mayne a.k.a. Harlequin in 1996 and have been married ever since. Alan though asks Hal why he came to find him, but Hal tells him that he recently found out about him and wanted to meet him. Hal then tells Alan about his situation with Sinestro and the formation of his own Corps, causing Alan to scoff, "A Yellow Lantern Corps? What's next, a Red Lantern Corps?" Hal then asks Alan if he'd be willing to help him, but Alan insists that he's retired and put his heroic days behind him. Hal though starts breaking down and tells him that he's scared and terrified that his loved ones will get hurt and won't be powerful enough to protect them. Alan though asks him what's wrong with being afraid, but Hal insists that, as a Green Lantern, he must be fearless. Alan though tells him that it's fine to be scared, but he must learn to overcome his fears and trust in his own abilities to keep those that he loves close and safe. Hal thanks Alan, but then notices the clock and quickly realizes that he's late. He quickly flies back to Coast City, where he meets an angry Carol at their favorite restaurant. Carol though insists that she understands that his duties as a Green Lantern are important, but tells him that his duties and their relationship are interfering with each other. In another flashback, after helping Thomas make repairs to his jet, Hal reports to Jillian, who compliments him for his work. Hal then asks her out to dinner for tonight, but Jillian insists that she'll accept if he can beat her in a race. Hal accepts and the 2 of them get in their jets and take off. They start racing, with Jillian taking the lead, but Hal, remembering his father's aerial maneuvers, uses them to pull ahead and win the race, causing Jillian to accept his offer. That night, Hal and Jillian go to a bar near their base, where they spend time together, telling each other about their lives and why they're fascinated with planes and jets and what made them join the Air Force. Later, as they walk along the beach, Hal tells Jillian about his father's death and how he wondered if he was ever afraid, and that his father's accident is what inspired him to become a pilot. Jillian though quiets him as the 2 of them share a kiss under the moonlight, beginning their relationship. A year later, Hal continues to date Jillian. While helping Thomas with jet repairs, Hal is surprised when his brother, Jack visits the base. Jack though angrily punches Hal in the face and tells him that their mother, Jessica is dead, she died a few weeks ago from a heart attack, devastating Hal. Jack then starts angrily berating Hal, blaming him and his joining the Air Force and becoming a pilot as too much of a strain on her, which led to her death. A month later, after serving his terms, Hal leaves the Air Force, breaking up with Jillian, who decides to stay with the Air Force, and saying goodbye to Thomas, as he heads home to Coast City to be with his family. In the present, Hal heads home before he attends Jack's reelection charity gala event with Jim and Thomas.

At the event, Jim runs into Susan Williams, who decides to interview him about his brother's reelection campaign. While interviewing him, Susan asks him if he's the Green Lantern, which Hal overhears. Jim though laughs at her accusation, while Hal starts acting nervous. Susan though tells Jim that she realized that the Green Lantern must be related to Jack Jordan, since during his assassination, Green Lantern seemed determined and emotional to protect Jack and his family. Jim though asks why she assumes it's him and not Hal, but Susan insists that Hal has lived in Coast City years before Green Lantern appeared, but Jim has only recently started living in the city for a few years, around the same time as Green Lantern appeared, plus his physical appearance and jawlines matches Green Lantern's. Jim though chuckles and asks to hear more about her theories over drinks, which Susan accepts. While Jack gives his speech, Hal sits with Thomas and talks about his problems with Carol and Sinestro, but Thomas though is confident that Hal and Carol will make amends. Thomas then tries to assure Hal that the Green Lantern Corps will stop the Sinestro Corps and that Earth will be safe. Hal thanks his friend and goes to get a drink, where he meets Jack and his wife, Janice. Jack and Hal though barely acknowledge each other, until Janice, who Hal insists looks just like their mother, tries to get them to take some shots. As they drink, Hal and Jack try to make small talk, until Janice starts dragging them outside and insists that the 2 of them make amends. Jack though angrily blames Hal for their mother's death, due to him following in their father's footsteps and becoming a pilot, even after he promised he wouldn't. Hal though defends himself by saying that he wanted to know why their father loved being a pilot and wanted to make them all proud of him. Jack though angrily tells Hal that Jessica was devastated when he left for the Air Force and was even more devastated when she found out about all of his close calls and plane crashes. Hal though starts tearing up as he insists that he never wanted to hurt their mother, he only wanted to make her proud and that he bears the guilt every day. Jack though scoffs at that, leading to them start fighting and throwing punches. Jim then comes outside and manages to break them up. Hal then angrily storms off, leaving Jack and Jim behind. As Hal recharges his ring, he changes into Green Lantern and starts angrily flying off into space towards Qward.

On Qward, the Sinestro Corps has enslaved the Weaponers, with Arkillo overseeing the Weaponers as they must mass-produce yellow power rings for the Sinestro Corps. Sinestro meditates in the main hall, while telepathically contacting Parallax, who insists that Sinestro must find him a proper host before its power starts to fade. Sinestro though assures Parallax that his host is on his way right now. Suddenly, Hal arrives on Qward and starts blasting his way through the Sinestro Corps members, until he's restrained by Arkillo, allowing Amon Sur, who recognizes Hal, to attack him. As he attacks Hal, Amon Sur angrily reveals himself as the son of Abin Sur that he isn't worthy to wear his father's ring and will take it from him himself. Hal though angrily channels his willpower to overwhelm Amon Sur and starts viciously beating him as he tells Amon Sur that his father would be ashamed at what he's become and isn't fit to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps. But, before Hal can kill Amon Sur, Arkillo and a few other members manage to restrain Hal, allowing Amon Sur to viciously beat him, but, before he can kill Hal, Sinestro stops him. Amon Sur though angrily tells Sinestro that he must kill Hal and take what is rightfully his and restore his family name, but Sinestro tells him that Hal is the final piece to their plan and even viciously attacks Amon Sur. Sinestro then mocks Hal for foolishly coming to Qward and thinking that he can kill him and destroy his Corps all by himself. Hal though tells Sinestro that if he's doing all of this just to kill him, then kill him already and leave the Guardians and Oa alone. Sinestro though tells him that he did this for more than just "petty revenge," but he created the Sinestro Corps to overthrow the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps and usher in a new era for the galaxy. He then tells Hal that once he's destroyed the Green Lanterns and the Guardians, he'll head to Earth for him and his Corps to conquer and he will kill all of Hal's loved ones. Sinestro then mocks Hal by telling him that he's the ultimate key to his plan as he unleashes Parallax. As Arkillo and the Sinestro Corps members restrain Hal, who stares in horror at Parallax, the fear entity quickly enters Hal's body and slowly begins taking control over him. As Parallax takes control over Hal, he rises in yellow armor and Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps kneel before him. Sinestro then tells the Sinestro Corps that they're finally ready to destroy Oa and the Guardians, as Parallax/Hal burns the Sinestro Corps insignia into his armor. On Oa, the Guardians sense Parallax's incredible power and that he has taken Hal Jordan as its host and the Sinestro Corps are heading to Oa. The Guardians, sensing an inevitable war ahead, consult to discuss options. As Ganthet suggests using the power of hope to overcome fear, Appa dismisses it. Scar then appears and suggests that they choose a Green Lantern to become the host of Ion, the entity of willpower. Sayd agrees and says that they once considered Hal Jordan as a suitable host for Ion, especially since he temporarily became its host during Sinestro's attack on Oa, but Ganthet points out that Hal actually only absorbed Ion's power and not Ion itself. The Guardians then start discussing potential hosts for Ion, with Ganthet and Sayd suggesting Kilowog and Appa suggesting Tomar-Re. Scar though suggests Sodam Yat, since he's a Daxamite from Daxam, the sister world of Krypton, which gives him extraordinary powers, even without the ring, and that if he becomes the host of Ion, he will be able to match Parallax's power. Ganthet and Sayd agree and they manage to convince the reluctant Appa to accept their decision. The Guardians then summon Sodam Yat as they tell him about the Sinestro Corps heading towards Oa and that Parallax has taken over Hal Jordan. Appa then tells him that he's been chosen to become the host of Ion, the entity of willpower, in order to combat Parallax's power and, with Ion's power, he shall become powerful enough to save the galaxy and the Green Lantern Corps. Sodam Yat accepts their decision as the Guardians unleash Ion from the Central Battery. As Yat faces them, Ion addresses the Guardians before entering Sodam Yat's body, slowly taking over him until he has fully taken over him, giving him green armor. As Ion/Sodam Yat rises, he immediately senses Parallax's power from across the galaxy and the Sinestro Corps' inevitable arrival. Ganthet then suggests that they use the power of hope to overcome fear, by harnessing the blue light of hope, which will amplify the Green Lanterns' rings, but Appa quickly dismisses his idea, believing that the power of hope is dangerous and unpredictable. Ion/Sodam Yat agrees and tells them that he wishes to stop Parallax himself and end the yellow entity. Sayd then suggests that they call on all Green Lanterns, including Mogo, the living planet, who is powerful enough to stop the Sinestro Corps.

On Oa, as the Green Lanterns all gather together and prepare for war, Mogo arrives, looming over Oa as Parallax/Hal and the Sinestro Corps arrive. Kilowog, Tomar-Re, Salaak, and G'nort though are all shocked when they find out that Hal has become Parallax's host. Before they start, Parallax/Hal addresses the Green Lantern Corps and Guardians and urges them to surrender now, but Ion/Sodam Yat steps forward and faces Parallax/Hal. Parallax is shocked that Ion has been freed and has found a host, but Ion tells Parallax that he tried to contain Parallax and its power, but now he'll end the fear entity once and for all. The 2 Lantern Corps then clash, as the Green Lanterns and Yellow Lanterns face each other. As G'nort, Ch'p, Salaak, and Katma Tui try to hold off some of the Sinestro Corps members, Tomar-Re faces Arkillo, who viciously attacks him with his yellow power. Tomar-Re though manages to fend him off, as Kilowog is attacked by Amon Sur, who angrily curses the Green Lanterns for taking his father away from him and letting his ring go to a "filthy" human. Kilowog though uses his willpower to overpower Amon Sur as he tells him that his father, Abin Sur was a great Lantern, but obviously a lousy father and tries to apologize, but Amon Sur continues to attack him. As Amon Sur pins down Kilowog, getting ready to kill him, Katma Tui arrives and uses her ring to slice off Amon Sur's head, saving Kilowog, but Amon Sur is still alive. While Tomar-Re continues to fight Arkillo, Arkillo continues to viciously attack him, but Tomar-Re manages to use his willpower to overpower him. Kilowog though tries to help Tomar-Re, but distracts him long enough for Arkillo to fire an energy blast through Tomar-Re's chest, killing him. Kilowog then angrily attacks Arkillo as he holds Tomar-Re's body in his arms. As he lays dying, Tomar-Re gives Kilowog his power ring and tells him, "Please, pass this ring onto my s...", but he dies before he can finish. Kilowog then angrily attacks Arkillo as the 2 Lanterns face off. Parallax/Hal uses his powers to blast his way past Green Lanterns, until Salaak confronts him and tries to snap Hal back to his senses, but Parallax blasts Salaak away. Mogo then faces Parallax/Hal and some of the Sinestro Corps members and unleashes his incredible power, wiping out half of the Sinestro Corps and weakening Parallax, but Parallax/Hal quickly revives and slams Mogo into Oa, decimating the planet. Ion/Sodam Yat then confronts Parallax/Hal as the 2 entities clash, unleashing their extraordinary powers. As the entities battle, Sinestro confronts the Guardians and mocks them for failing to see the failure with using willpower as their power source instead of fear. The Guardians though argue that they never told him about the power of fear because fear eventually corrupts others and tries to point out how the yellow light has corrupted him, but Sinestro refuses to listen to them and attacks them. The Guardians, using their limited abilities, try to fight him off, but are powerless against him. Scar, who has unlocked all of her hidden Guardian power, though fights back and overpowers Sinestro. Amon Sur's headless body manages to recover his decapitated head and manages to put it back on. As Parallax and Ion continue to battle, Hal's consciousness starts fighting Parallax's control, allowing Ion to gain the upperhand. Parallax though regains control and viciously fights back, severely injuring Sodam Yat. Parallax then starts attacking all of the Green Lanterns, severely injuring Salaak, Kilowog, Katma Tui, Ch'p, G'nort, and others. Parallax's rampage distracts Scar long enough for Sinestro to overwhelm her. Hal though continues to fight against Parallax's control, experiencing memories of his life and friends on Earth, including Carol, Thomas, Jim, Jack, Barry, the Justice League, Jillian, Jessica, Martin and others. As Ion heals Sodam Yat's body, the entity notices Parallax's power beginning to weaken and leaves Yat's body and enters Hal's body. The Ion entity helps Hal fight the Parallax entity and manages to purge it from his body, freeing Hal from its control. As Hal comes to his senses, he stares in horror at all of his injured comrades and notices Tomar-Re's corpse.

Hal then angrily attacks Sinestro, Arkillo, Amon Sur and the rest of the Sinestro Corps, causing Sinestro to order the Corps to retreat. Sinestro though warns Hal that he's already won and is now going after his final target. As Hal helps the Guardians recover his comrades, the Guardians realize that Oa is in ruins and smashed to pieces. Mogo though offers to use his body as the Green Lantern Corps' temporary base until Oa is fixed, which the Guardians accept. As the Corps sets up on Mogo, Hal helps Sayd and Ganthet heal Kilowog and the others. Hal feels guilty about what he's done and blames himself for allowing this to happen. Ganthet tries to comfort him, but Appa confronts Hal for disobeying their orders and attacking Qward and destroying Oa and crippling the Corps, despite being under Parallax's control for the latter. Hal agrees that he should be punished, but argues that they need to get to Earth because the Sinestro Corps is planning to invade, starting with Hal's hometown, Coast City. Ganthet and Sayd agree with Hal, but Appa and Scar argue that the Guardians must reach a unanimous decision about their next move. As the Guardians leave to discuss, Hal decides to head to Earth himself, but is stopped by Kilowog, who refuses to let Hal leave and fight alone. Hal though argues that this is his battle and doesn't want to see anymore Lanterns get killed, like Tomar-Re, but Kilowog tells Hal that that's not his decision. Sodam Yat, Salaak, Katma Tui, Ch'p, and G'nort then step forward as Kilowog argues that it's their duty as Lanterns to serve and protect any form of life, even humans. Salaak though points out that the Sinestro Corps have the advantage, due to their use of the yellow light of fear. Suddenly, Ganthet appears, causing Hal and the others to become worried that they're in trouble. Ganthet though encourages Hal and the others to defend the Earth and tells them that he's been working on another Lantern, one that utilizes the blue light of hope. He then reveals the Blue Lantern to them and reveals that the blue light of hope increases the power of a Green Lantern ring, increasing the power of willpower. He then gives it to Hal as he and the others set off towards Earth. Using a Green Lantern space cruiser, the Green Lanterns manage to arrive on Earth first. Hal though orders the others to stay onboard, since he needs to make a couple stops before Sinestro arrives. Hal then heads to Keystone City and flies into Alan Scott's apartment. Hal then tells Alan about the Sinestro Corps plan to invade Earth and asks for his help in this battle. Alan though argues that he's too old and retired and that his ring isn't near powerful to their rings, but Hal tells him that it doesn't matter, as long as he wears that logo, he's a Green Lantern. Alan though refuses to help him, causing Hal to leave disappointed. Hal then flies to Coast City and heads to Ferris Aircraft, where he warns Carol and Thomas about the Sinestro Corps and that they need to evacuate. Hal then flies to Jack's house, where Jack, Janice, Jason, Helen, Jim, and Susan are eating dinner. Hal though flies into the living room and exposes his secret identity to them, much to their shock. Hal then tells them about the Sinestro Corps invasion and warns them that they need to evacuate now. At first, Janice and Susan agree and order the kids to start packing, but Jim stops them and tells Hal that they're not leaving him behind. Jack then steps forward and tells Hal that he believes in him and trust him to keep them and the city safe. Jason and Helen both agree and hug Hal. Hal smiles as he nods and flies off to warn the rest of the city. He then hovers above the city and creates a giant amplifier, warning the citizens of Coast City to evacuate the city because of the Sinestro Corps invasion and that they must leave to avoid getting caught in the crossfire. Kilowog and the others watch Hal's speech aboard the ship as Salaak compliments Hal's strategy.

On Oa, Appa, Sayd, and Scar notice the absence of a ship and confront Ganthet, who reveals that he gave the Lanterns his blue lantern to give them a fighting chance. Appa though angrily confronts him for going against the Guardians and building another Lantern, which brings them closer towards "the War of the Light" and the "Blackest Night," as foretold by the Book of Oa, which tells that the formation of other Corps connected to the Emotional Spectrum will lead to the War of Light, which will destroy the universe. Appa and Scar then argue that Ganthet should be exiled from the Council and from Oa, but Sayd disagrees and argues that the prophecy is inevitable and that Ganthet is only trying to help them earn a fighting chance. The Guardians though all vote and Sayd is outvoted. Ganthet though sighs and accepts his fate. Before he leaves in his escape pod, he says goodbye to Sayd and tells her to "never give up hope." As the Sinestro Corps approaches Earth, Sinestro smirks as he says that he can feel the humans' fears, which makes them stronger. As the Sinestro Corps attacks, the citizens of Coast City begin shining Green Lantern's symbol from their homes into the sky, including Jack and his family and Ferris Aircraft, showing their support for Green Lantern. A bright yellow light though shines in the sky throughout the world, causing many people to worry, except for the citizens of Coast City. The Sinestro Corps then begins their invasion, with the Corps targeting the most populated cities, including Coast City, Tokyo, Moscow, and Washington, D.C. The Green Lanterns though split up, with Kilowog and Salaak defending Tokyo, Sodam Yat and Katma Tui defending D.C., and G'nort and Ch'p defending Moscow as Hal defends Coast City alone. Arkillo leads the Sinestro Corps attack in Tokyo, but Kilowog and Salaak fight back. Amon Sur leads the attack on Washington, but Sodam Yat manages to tap into the remaining power of Ion as he and Katma Tui fight back. In Moscow, G'nort starts becoming afraid that they won't be able to stop them and that they're the weakest Lanterns, but Ch'p encourages G'nort that they're Lanterns, they need to be able to overcome their fears. In Keystone City, Alan turns on the TV and sees Godfrey's report on the Sinestro Corps invasion. Alan then looks over at a photo of his ex-wife and kids. He then opens a drawer and puts his ring on. As the invasion begins, Hal takes on Sinestro and the Corps in Coast City, but is easily overpowered and outnumbered. Sinestro then mocks Hal for his foolish resistance and tells him that he can feel the humans' fear and panic, which only makes them more powerful and that willpower is useless against their yellow rings. But, before Sinestro can kill Hal, an angry mob, led by Jack, of Coast City citizens forms and surrounds the Sinestro Corps, and angrily confronts them as Sinestro is shocked to see that they're not afraid. Sinestro though orders his men to make them afraid as he fires a yellow energy blast at Jack, impaling him through the chest, much to everyone's horror. As Sinestro Corps starts firing and killing people, a green energy shield appears around the mob as Alan, in his Green Lantern uniform, appears and fights back. Sinestro is confused by this human lantern and has his men attack him, but is shocked to discover that their yellow rings don't affect Alan's ring and power, as Alan explains that his ring isn't powered by willpower. As Alan fights off the Sinestro Corps, Hal, along with Janice, Jim, Jason and Helen rush to Jack's side. As Jack lies dying, Hal starts blaming himself, but Jack tells him that this was his choice, he wanted to help his brother fight and encourages him to stop these invaders. With his dying words, Jack tells Hal that their parents would be proud of him as he dies in Hal's arms. Jim then tells Hal that he needs to fight and make sure Jack's sacrifice wasn't in vain as his family all voice their support for him. Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps start overpowering Alan, when Hal stops them and attacks them. As he and Alan face Sinestro and his followers, Hal reveals the Blue Lantern and says the chant that's written on the side, "In fearful day, in raging night, With strong hearts full, our souls ignite, When all seems lost in the War of Light, Look to the stars-- For hope burns bright!" The Blue Lantern then glows, turning the sky blue as Hal and the other Green Lanterns begin glowing with green energy.

In Moscow, as the Sinestro Corps surround G'nort and Ch'p, they start glowing with green energy and manage to gain the upper hand. In Washington, D.C., Sodam Yat and Katma Tui glow brighter as they manage to continue fighting the Sinestro Corps, gaining the upper hand against Amon Sur. In Tokyo, Kilowog and Salaak combine their rings' power to take out the Sinestro Corps, including Arkillo. In Coast City, Hal uses his rings' power to take out the Sinestro Corps, leaving Alan to capture them while Hal goes after Sinestro, who begins to retreat. Hal chases after Sinestro as the 2 of them clash in the sky. Hal eventually manages to knock Sinestro out of the sky and tosses him through a building. The Blue Lantern eventually fades as Hal and the other Lanterns return to normal. Sinestro emerges from the rubble and viciously starts attacking Hal. As he beats Hal, he pins him to the ground and angrily yells at him that he's trying to do what the Guardians can never do, enforce peace and security, because peace can never be truly achieved. Sinestro then reveals that when he was still a Green Lantern, he used his ring's power to bring peace and order to his homeworld, Korugar and managed to make it into a utopia. Sinestro then mentions that one of his fellow lanterns, Katma Tui led a rebellion against Sinestro's regime and overthrew his rule on Korugar. Hal though says that it was a shame that Sinestro's treachery wasn't exposed to the Guardians until it was too late. As they continue to fight, Sinestro uses his ring to cripple Hal and pins him to the ground, where he tells Hal that he's going to build a new world order and that he'll make the universe fear him and the Corps. Hal though focuses the last of his ring's power into a giant burst of energy, overwhelming Sinestro as it severely injures his body and destroys his yellow ring. Hal then turns back to normal as he collapses from exhaustion. As he sleeps, Hal finds himself in his mind, facing the spirit of his mother, Jessica. Hal apologizes to his mother for causing her death and tells her that he should've listened to her, but Jessica tells him that it wasn't his fault and that he was chasing his dreams, which is what she's always wanted him to do, and that she didn't want to stand in his way. Hal though apologizes for the constant worrying and torment, but Jessica tells her that she'll always worry, that's what a mother does and admits that she's proud at what he's become. Martin then appears as Hal embraces him and asks him what his final words were and if he was afraid. Martin though tells Hal that when he was in that plane, he didn't have time to be afraid, since he knew that he had to crash the plane away from the crowd and civilians, to keep them safe, especially him and his mother. Martin and Jessica then assure Hal that his brother, Jack died, believing in him and what he had to do to keep the others safe and the risks he took in supporting him. Martin and Jessica then tell Hal that he has much more work to do to make the universe a better place and make them proud. Hal then wakes up and finds Kilowog and Alan at his side as they tell him that the others managed to round up all of the Sinestro Corps members, including Sinestro. But, as Sodam Yat holds Sinestro captive, Katma Tui steps forward and aims her ring at Sinestro, planning to kill him. She screams at Sinestro, blaming him for oppressing their planet and killing her entire family and that she wants to make sure that he never hurts anyone again. Hal though steps in front of her and tells Katma that Sinestro will pay for his crimes and won't hurt anyone again. Katma though yells at Hal that Sinestro killed her father and her mother, but Hal tells her that Sinestro killed his brother. Katma though tells Hal that the only reason she became a Green Lantern was to avenge her family and stop Sinestro once and for all, but Hal argues that her parents would want her to do the right thing and let justice decide Sinestro's fate. Katma then lowers her ring as Kilowog and the others capture Arkillo, Amon Sur and the others. Appa, Sayd, and Scar then arrive on Earth and start berating the Lanterns for disobeying their orders. Alan though steps in and defends the Lanterns, telling them that they did what they were chosen to do, to use the power that they were given to defend the innocent, which is exactly what they did. The Guardians then decide to appease the other Lanterns. Hal though notices that Ganthet is missing and asks about him. Appa though reveals that Ganthet has been sent into exile for giving him the Blue Lantern and harnessing the blue power, which only increases the risk of the "Blackest Night." When Hal asks about the Blackest Night, Appa reveals that it was a prophecy in the Book of Oa, which told that when a Corps for every emotional spectrum color has been established, then a "War of Light" will begin and the "Blackest Night" will rise. Hal though vows to make sure that that never happens, as he prevented Sinestro and his Corps from achieving their goal, but Appa tells Hal that he will not and that, until further notice, he is suspended from the Corps indefinitely, due to his actions while under the influence of Parallax, and will discuss his future in the Green Lantern Corps. They then take Hal's ring away as Hal asks about Scar's presence, but Sayd reveals that she has been put back on the Guardians' council and will serve as a strategic advisor. As the Guardians fly away, with Sinestro and the Sinestro Corps prisoners in tow, Alan comforts Hal over the loss of his brother and ring. Hal then goes to meet with Jim, Janice and the others. They all celebrate Hal's victory, but mourn Jack's death. The next day, a city-wide funeral is held for Jack, attended by Hal, Alan, Jim, Susan, Janice, Jason, Helen, Kilowog, Thomas, Carol, Salaak, Sodam Yat, Katma Tui, G'nort, Ch'p, Carl and the entire town of Coast City. Later, as Hal and the others gather at Jim's house, Jim and Hal talk, where Jim tells Hal that he plans on staying in Coast City so he can be with Susan. Hal then comforts Janice, Jason, and Helen as they all embrace. Hal then goes onto the balcony, where Carol joins him as she comforts him. Carol then tells Hal that she knew that he would succeed, since he always does, which is why she loves him. As Hal leans in to kiss her, Carol stops him and tells him that it's because she loves him, that she feels like she can't be with him anymore. Carol tells Hal that their relationship won't work as long as he's a Green Lantern, she'll always be in danger from his enemies or won't be able to see him much because of his duties. Carol though assures Hal that she'll always be his friend, but she can't be his girlfriend, and kisses him on the cheek and leaves a heartbroken Hal behind. Alan then walks in and comforts Hal for his loss as Hal thanks him for helping him and asks if he's returning full-time, but Alan says that he'd like to remain retired and offers to give Hal his own ring, but Hal jokes that "red isn't his color," and refuses. The 2 shake hands as Alan and Hal agree to help each other out whenever they can. That night, Hal returns to his apartment and emotionally lashes out, trashing his apartment and destroying furniture. As he angrily lashes out, his eyes briefly flash yellow, hinting that Parallax's power remains within him. Hal then collapses in his bedroom as he stares at the photo of his father and mother.

In a mid-credits scene, at night, outside the city of Los Angeles, Kyle Rayner and his girlfriend, Alexandra DeWitt sit on the roof of Kyle's truck and watch the stars. Kyle then tells Alex that she's beautiful as he tells her to stay put. He then takes his sketching pad from his backpack and begins drawing her, much to Alex's embarrassment. As Kyle continues to draw her, he notices a glowing green light in the night sky above them, before it vanishes. Alex asks him what's wrong, but Kyle brushes it off and assures her that it's nothing as he continues drawing her while the 2 of them share a laugh.

In a post-credits scene, G. Gordon Godfrey sits in his dressing room, watching the footage and his coverage of the Sinestro Corps invasion. He then smiles as he walks over to his desk and takes a Mother Box out of a drawer. He then activates the Mother Box and creates a Boom Tube portal. Godfrey then enters the portal and finds himself on Apokolips, where he faces Darkseid. Godfrey then transforms into his true form, as a New God, Glorious Godfrey, and kneels before Darkseid. He then reports that his mission to infiltrate the Earthlings and turn them against their defenders is a success. He then tells Darkseid that the heroes are making it easy for him to turn the public against the Justice League and its heroes, especially with their constant battles with villains and city-wide disasters. Darkseid praises Godfrey's results and states that he's recently received reports from Steppenwolf, telling him that his scouting on the humans and their heroes are going successfully and is due to report back to Apokolips soon with his full mission report. Godfrey then asks him if the "Elite" are preparing their troops for the inevitable invasion, which Darkseid tells him is happening. He then orders Godfrey to return to Earth and await further instructions until his mission is complete. Godfrey then bows before Darkseid as he overlooks the planet, Apokolips from his palace.

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