Real name:

Carmine Falcone


Mob King

The Roman

The Lord of Crime




The Mob



Gender - Male

Hair - Blond

Eyes - Hazel

Portayed by:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Appears in:

The Knight of Gotham

The Knight of Krypton

The Knight of Fear

Carmine Falcone was a head crime lord of Gotham City.
Carmine Falcone in TKOF


Carmine Falcone all but controlled Gotham City, flooding it with drugs and crime. He is above the law, with most of Gotham's politicians and police on his payroll (examples being two councilmen, a union official, Judge Faden, Detective Flass, and an unnamed policeman).

The Knight of GothamEdit

Falcone and his men got shipments of weapons and drugs. Batman fought againest Falcone and different people of the Mob for a while, before fighting againest the Court of Owls.

The Knight of SteelEdit

Falcone allies himself with Scarecrow, picking up drug shipments with Fear Gas.

The Knight of FearEdit

He is still picking up shipments, before he is killed by Black Mask.

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