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Use this forum to nominate and vote for the featured series. Use the button below to nominate a featured series.

Note: A Featured Series include any movie franchise, tv series, comic series, manga series, etc.


  • ALL votes, whether for or against, must have a reason.
  • Unregistered contributors may nominate and vote...
  • Keep the layout almost as it is. Don't change the numbered and bulleted lists.
  • No voting for a page you nominated ( save for the first winner, since the wiki was unknown to the public )
  • PUTTING SOMETHING TO REST - You can change your vote. But you can't vote twice.
  • Do not remove your vote. If the vote is invalid or changed, strike it out1, but don't remove it.

1Type <strike> at the beginning of each line, and </strike> at the end of each line, to strike out text.

Page Requirements

  • It must be about DC Heroes

Previous Winners


  • October 2012: The Green Hero
  • October 2012: The Caped Crusader: Vegeance.
  • November 2012: No Winner
  • December 2012: No Winner


  • Januray 2013: No Winner
  • February 2013: No Winner

The Flash(TV Series) or Justice (TV series)

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