Green Lantern 2: Rise of the Enites is an upcoming 2020 American superhero film. Based on the DC Comics character Green Lantern, the film is the eighth movie in the saga.

The Movie was initially planned before the first movie in the Saga, Aquaman was released. However, due to issues with the actor, Ryan Reynolds, and issues with DC and Warner Brothers, the film was delayed. Only when Martian Manhunter was released, did Green Lantern 2 get into pre-production. At Comic-Con 2020, the offical title was revealed as Green Lantern 2: Rise of the Enites.

The film is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of action violence, language and some romance.
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Hal Jordan, 12 Years after the previous movie, is still the Green Lantern of Earth. For 12 Years, Sinestro has been missing. Now, everything is about to change. A Prochephy has been made, a book revealed, and an an army rising. Corrupt by th yellow ring, Sinestro leads his Sinestro Corps into War with the Green Lanterns. However, thats not all. Powerful beings, called Enites are about to rise. Some good, some evil. By the end of the movie, the Green Lanterns won't be the only Lanterns in the universe.


Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern/Hal Jordan

Nick Jones as John Stewart

Mark Strong as Sinestro



Sequel and Upcoming ApperancesEdit

It was confrimed that Hal Jordan will appear in Justice League. However, from then onwards, John Stewart will be the Main Green Lantern.