Justice is a television show based on the Justice League.


Following the closure of Scott Snyder and Rick Remender's last television show, Knights, they initially planned to leave the television industry. However, Warner Brothers convinced them to pen at least one season of a new series fitting loosely in Knights continuity.


Casting began late 2015.


Justice was majorly influenced by its predeecessor, Knights, along with the popular Justice League TV show of the early 2000's.


  • Justice is the name taken by a group of heroes recruited by the league to cover the missions out of their jurisdiction.
    • Grifter aka Cole Cash is a former military agent endowed with telepathic powers. He is a natural leader, but feels out of place among his powerful teammates.
    • Mera is Aquaman's spouse, who utilizes hydrokinisis to aid Justice. She is hot-headed and temerpmental, but a compassionate member of the team.
    • Kilowog is the heavy-hitting Green Lantern who accepts a role on Justice following the destruction of his home planet.
    • Zachary Zatara is the latest in a long line of magicians, such a his sister Zatanna. He is the quiet moral compass of the team.