Justice League is a TV Series based on DC Comics superhero team of the same name. It will feature Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, and Martian Manhunter teaming up together when the world is in danger. It is part of the DC Entertainment Universe and will air on DC Nation, in 2015.



The Formation
Episodes Description
1.Origins, Pt.1
2.Origins, Pt.2
3.Origins, Pt.3
4.Origins, Pt.4
5.The Snake Bites!
6.Crisis On Oa
7.Request Of The Hood
8.Enter The House,Pt.1
9.Enter The House, Pt.2
10.Sinestro Rises!
11.The Martian Wars, Pt.1
12.The Martian Wars, Pt.2
13.The Martian Wars, Pt.3
14.Home Away From Home
15.Return To Atlantis, Pt.1 After learning that Mera is being imprisoned by Black Manta, Aquaman returns to Atlantis and realizes that his brother, Orm has taken over. 
16.Return To Atlantis, Pt.2 While trying to find Aquaman, the Justice League gets captured by Orm.
17.Magic In Kahndaq
18.The Life Of William Hand, Pt.1
19.The Life Of William Hand, Pt.2
20.Fatality, Pt.1
21.Fatality, Pt.2
22.Origins Of The Trinity, Pt.1
23.Origins Of The Trinity, Pt.2
24.Origins Of The Trinity, Pt.3
25.Themyscaira Attacks, Pt.1
26.Themyscaira Attacks, Pt.2


Rise Of The Society
Episodes Description
1.Arrival Of The Outsider, Pt.1
2.Arrival Of The Outsider, Pt.2
3.Wonder Woman Vs. The Cheetah
4.Superman Vs. Lex Luthor
5.Batman Vs. The Joker
6.Green Lantern Vs. Sinestro
7.Aquaman Vs. Black Manta
8.The Calling Of The Bats
10.Destruction Of S.T.A.R. Labs, Pt.1
11.Destruction Of S.T.A.R. Labs, Pt.2
12.Origins Of Captain Atom
13.Revival Of Krypton, Pt.1
14.Revival Of Krypton, Pt.2
15.Revival Of Krypton, Pt.3
16.Revival Of Krypton, Pt.4
17.Origins Of Firestorm
18.Breakout, Pt.1
19.Breakout, Pt.2
20.Trinity Of Sin: Pandora, Pt.1
21.Trinity Of Sin: Phantom Stranger, Pt.2
22.Trinity Of Sin: The Question, Pt.3
23.Lord Despero
24.The Secret Society, Pt.1
25.The Secret Society, Pt.2
26.The Secret Society, Pt.3


Episodes Description
1.Trinity War, Pt.1
2.Trinity War, Pt.2
3.Trinity War, Pt.3
4.Trinity War, Pt.4
5.The Hunt For S.T.A.R Labs
6.Captured, Pt.1
7.Captured, Pt.2
8.Batman Vs.Owlman
9.Superman Vs.Ultraman
10.Wonder Woman Vs.Superwoman
11.The Ultimate Showdown
12.Fall Of The Justice League, Pt.1
13.Fall Of The Justice League, Pt.2
14.Robin Hood And The Canary
15.Welcome To Earth-2, Pt.1
16.Welcome To Earth-2, Pt.2
17.Welcome To Earth-2, Pt.3
18.Into The Dark
19.Origins Of Green Arrow
20.Origins Of Black Canary
21.Attack Of The Anti-Monitor, Pt.1
22.Attack Of The Anti-Monitor, Pt.2
23.Return Of The Joker
24.War Of The Sinestro Corps, Pt.1
25.War Of The Sinestro Corps, Pt.2
26.War Of The Sinestro Corps, Pt.3


The Prophecy
Episodes: Description:
1.Scar's Prophecy, Pt.1
2.Scar's Prophecy, Pt.2
3.Watchtower Under Attacked!
4.New Members, Pt.1
5.New Members, Pt.2
6.Jordan Vs.Atrocitus
7.The Blue Lanterns, Pt.1
8.The Star Sapphires, Pt.2
9.Fall Of Atlantis, Pt.1
10.Fall Of Atlantis, Pt.2
11.Fall Of Atlantis, Pt.3
13.Mongul's Invasion
14.Death Of William Hand, Pt.1
15.Death Of William Hand, Pt.2
17.The Bleak Future, Pt.1
18.The Bleak Future, Pt.2
22.War Of Light
23.In Blackest Night, Pt.1
24.In Blackest Night, Pt.2
25.In Blackest Night, Pt.3
26.In Blackest Night, Pt.4


The Lost
Episodes: Description
1.In Brightest Day, Pt.1
2.In Brightest Day, Pt.2
3.In Brightest Day, Pt.3
4.In Brightest Day, Pt.4
5.Henshaw's Loss
6.Henshaw's Gain
7.Release Of Doomsday, Pt.1
8.Release Of Doomsday, Pt.2
9.Torn Apart
10.Destruction Of Coast City, Pt.1
11.Destruction Of Coast City, Pt.2
12.Destruction Of Coast City, Pt.3
13.Destruction Of Coast City, Pt.4
14.Forever Gone
15.The Demon In Sight, Pt.1
16.The Demon In Sight, Pt.2
17.Journey Of Big Barda
18.Origins Of Shazam
19.Return Of Parralax, Pt.1
20.Return Of Parralax, Pt.2
21.The New Judge
22.The End, Pt.1
23.The End, Pt.2
24.The End, Pt.3
25.Sacrifice, Pt.1
26.Sacrifice, Pt.2


Episodes: Description:
1.Flashpoint, Pt.1
2.Flashpoint, Pt.2
3.Flashpoint, Pt.3
4.Flashpoint, Pt.4
5.Attack Of The Poison Ivy!
6.The Appelexians, Pt.1
7.The Appelexians, Pt.2
8.Chronos: Time Traveler
9.War Of The Lanterns, Pt.1
10.War Of The Lanterns, Pt.2
11.Into The Past, Pt.1
12.Into The Past, Pt.2
13.War In Heaven, Pt.1
14.War In Hell, Pt.2
15.Lex's Final Stand
16.Return Of Superman, Pt.1
17.Return Of Superman, Pt.2
18.Eclipso: Darkest Of Hearts, Pt.1
19.Eclipso: Darkest Of Hearts, Pt.2
20.Battle Of The Gods, Pt.1
21.Battle Of The Gods, Pt.2
22.Battle Of The Gods, Pt.3
23.The Unsolvable
24.Rise Of Starro, Pt.1
25.Rise Of Starro, Pt.2
26.Rise Of Starro, Pt.3


The Final Season
Episodes: Description
1.Fall Of Starro, Pt.1
2.Fall Of Starro, Pt.2
3.Fall Of Starro, Pt.3
4.Into The Past, Pt.1
5.Into The Past, Pt.2
7.Jordan Vs.Sinestro: The Final Showdown
9.Trigon: Rise From Hell, Pt.1
10.Trigon Under Siege, Pt.2
11.Trigon: Retalliation, Pt.3
12.Trigon: The Final Stand, Pt.4
14.AMAZO, Pt.1
15.AMAZO, Pt.2
16.AMAZO, Pt.3
17.Clone Of Superman
18.Earth-3, Pt.1
19.Earth-3, Pt.2
20.Earth-3, Pt.3
21.Battle Of The Century!
22.Brainiac: The Ultimate Invasion, Pt.1
23.Brainiac: The Ultimate Invasion, Pt.2
24.Brainiac: The Ultimate Invasion, Pt.3
25.Brainiac: The Ultimate Invasion, Pt.4
26.Final Goodbyes


Batman-Kevin Conroy

Superman-Tim Daly

Wonder Woman-Susan Eisenberg

Green Lantern-Nathan Fillion

The Flash-Michael Rosenbaum

Aquaman-Josh Keaton

Martian Manhunter-Carl Lumbly

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