"Justice League 2: The Injustice League" is the 11th movie in the 2nd level in The DC Movie Universe


Matt Bomer as Kal-El/Clark Kent/Superman

Scott Adkins as Bruce Wayne/Batman

Kiera Knightley as Princess Diana/Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Chris Zylka as Barry Allen/The Flash

Josh Hartnett as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern

Trevor Donovan as King Orin/Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Charlie Hunnam as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow

Laurence Fishburne as J'onn J'onzz/John Jones/Martian Manhunter and Ma'alefa'ak

Max Records as Billy Batson

Henry Cavill as Captain Marvel

Christian Keyes as Victor Stone/Cyborg

Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor

Eliza Dushku as Mercy Graves

Jensen Ackles as John Corben/Metallo

James Marsters as Rudy Jones/Parasite

Scott McClure as The Joker

Nicholas Hoult as Edward Nygma/The Riddler

Claudia Black as Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah

Bridget Regan as Doris Zeul/Giganta

Jon Hamm as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

Milo Ventimiglia as Sam Scudder/Mirror Master

Eric Bana as Digger Harkness/Captain Boomerang

Tom Hardy as Sinestro

Keith David as Black Manta

Michael Rowe as Prince Orm Marius/Ocean-Master

Jude Law as Count Werner Vertigo

Terry Crews as Danny Brickwell/Brick

Michael Berryman as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana

Dwayne Johnson as Teth-Adam/Black Adam

Lee Pace as Arthur Light/Dr. Light

Martin Klebba as Mikron O'Jeneus/Gizmo

Chris Pine as Colonel Steve Trevor

Michelle Pfeiffer as Queen Hippolyta

Rebel Wilson as Etta Candy

Rachel Weisz as Mala

Poppy Montgomery as Artemis

Sean Connery as Alfred Pennyworth

Brooke Shields as Lois Lane

Luke Benward as Jimmy Olsen

William Shatner as Perry White

Stanley Tucci as Emil Hamilton

Tom Selleck as Commissioner James Gordon

Samuel L. Jackson as Lucius Fox

George Clooney as Detective Dan Turpin

Uma Thurman as Lieutenant Maggie Sawyer

Blake Lively as Iris West

Chace Crawford as Wally West

Adrianne Palicki as Carol Ferris

Jonathan Luke Ke Huy Quan as Thomas Kalmaku

James Caan as Jay Garrick

Leslie Bibb as Patty Spivot

Maiara Walsh as Cindy Reynolds

Rob Lowe as Detective Samuel "Slam" Bradley

John Slattery as Special Agent King Faraday

Felicia Day as Queen Mera

Donald Sutherland as Nuidis Vulko

Logan Lerman as Garth

Emma Roberts as Tula

Laura Vandervoort as Dinah Lance

Hunter Parrish as Roy Harper

Analeigh Tipton as Mia Dearden

Peter MacNicol as Salaak

Morgan Freeman as Silas Stone

Tyler Posey as Garfield Logan

Bridget Mendler as Sarah Simms

Nolan Gould as Freddy Freeman

Hailee Steinfield as Mary Batson

Ian McKellen as Shazam

Andre Braugher as Kilowog

Kevin Michael Richardson as Mister Tawky Tawny

Michael Ironside as Darkseid


At his LexCorp office in Metropolis, Lex has a meeting with an important benefactor until he gets a phone call and orders Mercy to lead the benefactor out. He then takes the call and tells the person on the other line that everyone's in place and knows their job and then orders them to finally start their plan.

At a LexCorp warehouse outside Metropolis, 6 armed men in exoskeletons bust in and "accidentally" trigger the silent alarm. Superman quickly arrives on the scene and takes the men on, but one of the men attacks him with kryptonite, severely weakening him. Superman though activates his distress signal on his Justice League communicator, alerting the others to his distress. In Gotham, Bruce is in the middle of a business meeting with Lucius and the Wayne Enterprises' Board of Directors, when he gets the distress signal. He then has Lucius cover for him while he heads out of the building and meets up with Alfred in the car, outside of the building. Bruce changes into his Batsuit and then has Alfred pull the Batwing up and he flies off toward Metropolis. In Washington, Diana is tending to a patient when she gets the signal and tells Steve and Etta she has to go and flies off in her invisible jet toward Metropolis. Soon, Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern meet up with Batman and Wonder Woman at the warehouse where they help Superman take out the super-strong thugs. After they defeat them, Wonder Woman interrogates them with her lasso, where they tell them they were hired by Lex Luthor to destroy the building so he could collect the insurance and make more money. Superman thanks them for the help and flies the men to prison. But, unknown to them, a mysterious person hides in the Batwing. By the time Batman returns, the person is gone. When he returns to the Batcave, Alfred forces him to go upstairs and rest while he tends to his wounds. Suddenly, Mirror Master comes out of a mirror in the Batwing and contacts Luthor, who tells him that all of the other members of the Injustice League have finished retrieving their components and that they're waiting for him.

Mirror Master manages to hack into the Batcomputer with the gift that Luthor gave him and downloads some files onto his flashdrive and then leaves through a giant mirror hung up in the cave. He then returns to LexCorp where he delivers the flashdrive to Lex, who smiles at their success. He then has Mercy cover for him while he and Mirror Master contact the rest of the Injustice League and head off to an abandoned LexCorp building to meet. At the warehouse, Lex and Mirror Master meet up with Metallo, Parasite, Joker, Riddler, Cheetah, Giganta, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, Ma'alefa'ak, Black Manta, Sinestro, Ocean-Master, Count Vertigo, Brick, Black Adam, Dr. Sivana, Dr. Light, and Gizmo. He then reveals to them the plan and that Batman keeps top-secret files on, not just the members of the Justice League, but all other superheroes on Earth, including himself, who might pose a threat to them and uploads the files of an individual hero to each one of the villains and wishes them luck.

At the Daily Planet, Clark meets up with Lois Lane, his girlfriend, who covered for his disappearance and they share a moment together before Perry interrupts them and assigns Lois to head downtown with Jimmy to cover the grand opening of a new wing at the Metropolis Library, funded by Lex Luthor. Perry then assigns Clark to do an article on Lex Luthor's new energy project, which Clark begrudgingly accepts. At S.T.A.R. Labs, Professor Emil Hamilton discovers that half of their stash of Kryptonite is gone and decides to go warn Superman. At the Metropolis Library, Jimmy notices someone on the roof and tells Lois, who realizes that this man plans on jumping off and killing himself and calls Clark. She tells Clark to get down here and try to stop him. Clark heads down there as Superman and tries to convince the man to not go through with it. The man though pulls out a gun and shoots him with a few Kryptonite bullets and is revealed to be Metallo in disguise. Parasite then jumps on Superman and drains his power dry and tosses him off of the building. Lois and Jimmy watch in horror as Superman falls from the 2-story building and lays there, dying from his lack of strength and kryptonite in his chest. Metallo contacts Luthor and tells them that their plan was a success and heads back to base. The police arrive and Detective Dan Turpin and Lieutenant Maggie Sawyer try to contain the situation and get medical attention for Superman.

In Gotham City, Batman meets up with Commissioner Gordon on the rooftop of the police department beside the Batsignal. Gordon tells him that Riddler and Joker have escaped from Arkham Asylum, but they didn't bust out, someone busted them out. He returns to the Batcave to investigate, when Alfred tells him that his parents' corpses are gone. Bruce heads to the graveyard and is shocked when he finds the gravesites of his parents empty. Suddenly, the gravekeeper is revealed to be Riddler in disguise who attacks Bruce, but Bruce manages to hold his own. Suddenly, Joker reveals himself and severely injures Bruce before knocking him into the empty gravesites, where he falls in his parents' casket. Riddler locks him in the coffin and then they bury him alive. A horrified Bruce is shocked when he finds himself trapped with his parents' skeletons and starts having a panic attack.

On Themyscira, Wonder Woman trains with her friends, Mala and Artemis, while telling them about her adventures in the outside world. Suddenly, Giganta arrives and starts causing chaos on the island. Queen Hippolyta orders her Amazons to defend their home, but Giganta quickly defeats them until Wonder Woman takes her on. Wonder Woman though quickly defeats her until Cheetah appears and injures her, injecting a nanites in her bloodstream through her claws, causing her to see all of the Amazons around her as Cheetah. Hippolyta tries to get through to her, but she attacks her, forcing the Amazons to take her on, but Wonder Woman viciously fights back.

In Central City, Barry and Iris pick up Wally, who's recently been released from the hospital and Barry has Iris take Wally home. Barry then heads to work, where he and Patty Spivot begin working on analyzing a recent mugging/murder. Suddenly, he sees a news report about Captain Cold robbing a train full of money from the Central City Mint. Barry has Patty cover for him while he changes into his Flash costume and takes off toward the train. When he arrives, he sees Captain Cold taking the train crew hostage by freezing them solid. Flash attacks him, but it turns out to be a reflection. Captain Boomerang then appears and attacks him with his trick boomerangs. Flash dodges them and tries to attack him, but it turns out to be another reflection. He then finds himself surrounded by reflections of Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang, who attack him from all directions. Mirror Master then pulls him into a mirror and straps a bomb to his wrist. The 3 villains then reveal themselves and tell him that the bomb is set to go off in 5 minutes, if he tries to remove it, it'll automatically go off, if he doesn't do anything, it'll automatically go off. the only way to stop the bomb from detonating is for him to run. Flash then takes on running around the city. Eventually, he starts to tire out and realizes that this might be it and he calls his friend, Dr. Jay Garrick to help him get rid of the bomb. Jay tries to figure out how to disarm it, but realizes that he is unable to detonate it.

In Coast City, Hal Jordan gets ready for another test flight and his girlfriend, Carol Ferris wishes him luck. His friend, Thomas Kalmaku then tells him that the jet is ready for liftoff. Hal gets in the jet and is ready to fly, when Salaak contacts him on his ring to tell him that Sinestro has escaped from his cell on Oa and is heading towards Earth. Suddenly, Sinestro appears and attacks Hal's jet. Hal though changes into his Green Lantern uniform and escapes from his plane and attacks him. Sinestro though manages to fight back against him before heading to Ferris Aircraft and attacks the building. Green Lantern though defends the building while Carol and Thomas try to evacuate the building. But when Green Lantern is weakened from defending the base, Sinestro uses his ring to hypnotically make Green Lantern think he's blind. Since he now thinks he's blind, his ring actually makes him blind, causing his will to be weakened and he transforms back into Hal. Sinestro then takes the now blind Hal and flies off toward space to kill him.

In Atlantis, Orin spends some time with his pregnant queen, Mera when Orm walks in with a cup of wine to celebrate the pregnancy of the new heir to Atlantis. But, unknown to Orin, Orm poisoned Orin's cup. But before he can take a sip, Vulko comes in and tells him that Black Manta and his army have arrived and are attacking Atlantis. Aquaman leaves, but not before getting Mera to safety and orders Vulko and Orm to round up the Atlantean troops and heads off into battle with his trident. In the city, Garth and Tula use their magic to try and hold off Black Manta's men when a Manta-Trooper injures Tula, causing an angry Garth to unleash the "Power of Tempest" on them, before getting Tula to safety. He begs her to stay alive and tries to revive her and even confesses that he loves her. Tula then wakes up and admits that she loves him too and the 2 share a kiss, officially becoming a couple. Black Manta then attacks Aquaman in his palace and holds him off until Orm arrives. Orm though sneaks up behind Aquaman and injects him with a drug. Aquaman weakens, allowing Black Manta to beat him. The drug then takes effect and Aquaman soon develops aquaphobia, causing him to panic and desperately escape from Atlantis and swim toward the surface. Once on the surface, he starts running away from any source of water until he starts running into the desert, where he starts to be severely weakening and dying and collapses.

In Star City, at the Arrowcave, Oliver trains his girlfriend, Dinah Lance, on how to defend herself in the Arrowcave. Dinah though proves to be able to hold her own and she asks Ollie to join him on the field as his partner. Oliver though refuses because she needs more training and is afraid of her getting hurt. He then shows her something that some scientists at Queen Industries invented, a collar that will make the user capable of amplifying their screech to super-sonic. The 2 then watch a news report about the escape of Count Vertigo and Brick and Oliver calls Roy and Mia on their ghost phones, who are training in Roy's basement. He tells them to head out into the city and do some digging on Count Vertigo and Brick's escape. The 2 agree and set off, but once they open up the door, Count Vertigo takes them out with his Vertigo effect. He then talks to Oliver through the ghost phone and tells him to come to the docks if he wants to save his proteges. Oliver suits up as Green Arrow and heads to the docks, where he is immediately attacked by Brick. Green Arrow fights back, but Brick is unaffected by his attacks and easily knocks him down. Count Vertigo then attacks him with a modified Vertigo effect, weakening Green Arrow. Meanwhile, Roy and Mia manage to escape from their restraints and try to help, but Brick knocks them out. Brick then attacks the weakened Green Arrow and tosses him into the bay, where Green Arrow starts to drown.

In Middletown, J'onn J'onzz transforms into John Jones and tells his adopted daughter, Cindy Reynolds to stay inside and she wishes him happy birthday. John then tells her he's going to meet his friends at the bar and heads off. But his fellow officers surprise him by revealing that they know it's his birthday and celebrate. His partner, Samuel "Slam" Bradley wishes him a happy birthday and they sit down and talk. A waiter then gives John a drink. He tells her he didn't order anything, but she tells him that it's from a girl sitting at the bar. He goes over to the girl and thanks her for the drink, but he tells her he doesn't drink. She though tells him it's soda, so he takes a sip of his soda. She then tells him to use his Martian vision to see who he really is. John uses his vision and finds out its' his brother, Ma'alefa'ak in disguise. Ma'alefa'ak tells him that the drink's laced with magnesium carbonate, which is poisonous to Martians. John though is able to heal himself by sweating it out, but it's highly flammable. Ma'alefa'ak then takes a lighter out and lights J'onn on fire. J'onn starts running around, burning to death as Slam and the bar patrons try to put out the fire and save him, but he continues to burn.

In Fawcett City, Billy Batson, his twin sister, Mary, and their friend, Freddy Freeman hang out on the balcony of Billy and Mary's mansion, listening to Billy's radio show. On the Rock of Eternity, Shazam senses the return of Black Adam and is about to send Mister Tawky Tawny to warn Billy when Black Adam appears in front of them and attacks them. Shazam insists on sending Tawky Tawny to warn Billy while Black Adam attacks him. Shazam though tries to defend himself, but Black Adam ends up using his magic to weaken and defeat Shazam. Back at the Bromfield manor, Dr. Sivana shows up in his new advanced mech and attacks them. Billy tries to transform, but is unable to. Mister Tawky Tawny then shows up and saves them and takes on Sivana, revealing Billy's secret identity as Captain Marvel to Mary and Freddy. Tawky Tawny manages to defeat Sivana when Black Adam shows up and easily defeats him. Freddy and Mary try to defend Billy, but he easily defeats them. He then grabs Billy and tells him that the wizard is gone and can no longer help him. He then tosses him high up into the air and then leaves him to fall to his death.

In New York, at S.T.A.R. Labs, Silas Stone is busy upgrading and updating his son's cybernetics. Once he's done, Sarah Simms and Garfield Logan show up to hang with Vic when suddenly, Dr. Light and Gizmo show up, after shutting down the power. Before Silas can do anything though, Gizmo attacks him with his new gadgets, which severely weaken him and leave him dying on the floor. Cyborg is about to help his dad, when Gizmo uploads a virus into him, causing him severe pain, which also slowly kills him. Gar tries to stop him, but Dr. Light attacks him and just to get rid of him, he injects him with an unstable animal isotope, which turns Gar's eyes green as he passes out. Sarah though uses one of Silas's gadgets to weaken Dr. Light. Gizmo though finishes uploading the virus and leaves Cyborg to die, but not before Dr. Light knocks Sarah unconscious.

At his base, Mercy reports to Lex that all of the villains have reported that their missions were a success. Lex asks her if she's made sure that no one can connect him to this, which she assures him. Lex then smiles as he takes out a gun and shoots Mercy in the head, killing her. Lex says that she was a loose end that needed to be cut and then leaves to go meet up with the Injustice League.

Back in Gotham City, Bruce finally calms down and uses his wits to escape from his parents' casket. He then heads to the Batcave, where he realizes that someone hacked his files and that the Justice League are under attack by his files. He then suits up and takes off in the Batwing to save his teammates and fellow heroes, but not before having Alfred change the encryption on his files. He quickly heads to Metropolis, where he has Dan and Maggie secure the area as he uses a kryptonite scalpel to remove the kryptonite bullets from him, saving him. Emil Hamilton then arrives and reveals to them that half of his kryptonite stash was stolen and that no one else knew about except for him and Superman. Superman though realizes who's behind all of this, Luthor. Batman though has him rest for a while he heads off to save the rest of the heroes. Meanwhile, Flash continues to run around the Earth with the bomb strapped to his wrist, but is exhausted. Batman then contacts him and tells him to run to the Arctic. Once there, he tells Flash to run and vibrate through a glacier. When he does, he ends up leaving the bomb in the glacier, causing it to blow up the glacier instead. Once he gets back on land, Flash collapses from exhaustion. Meanwhile, Sinestro reaches Earth's atmosphere and lets Hal go, causing him to slowly drift into space. Sinestro then leaves right as Superman arrives and saves him. Superman then tries to convince him that he isn't blind, but Hal is still shaken. Superman though convinces him to overcome this and that he was chosen to be a Green Lantern for a reason, which restores Hal's will, causing his ring to fly on his finger, transforming him back into Green Lantern and restoring his vision. At New York, Batman arrives in the lab and installs an antivirus that saves Cyborg. Batman apologizes to him as Cyborg runs to his dad's side, who is slowly dying. Before he dies, Silas tells his son that he's so proud of him, no matter what he does, and tells him to continue to use his new gifts for good and apologizes to him for all that he's done. Batman then tends to Sarah and tests out Gar, who turns out to be normal for now, but tells him to let him know if he changes. Batman then reveals to Cyborg that he knows his secret identity as Victor Stone and that he's known about him for months and has been observing him, learning his strength and weaknesses for security reasons and then tells him to come with him. Batman and Cyborg then leave the lab as Sarah and Gar tend to Silas's corpse.

In the desert, Superman arrives to save Aquaman and injects him with the cure to the drug that Batman gave him and drops him in the water, reviving him. On Themyscira, Wonder Woman continues to battle her fellow Amazons, believing them to be Cheetahs, but is slowly dying from exhaustion. Cyborg then arrives and uses his sonic emitter to cancel out the nanites in her body, causing Wonder Woman to snap back to her senses and pass out from exhaustion. He then takes her to the Army base, where Steve and Etta tend to her. Back at the bar, J'onn continues to burn as Cindy arrives and tries to help Slam and the bar patrons put J'onn out, but he still continues to burn and is slowly dying. Ma'alefa'ak then smiles and leaves the bar, satisfied. Suddenly, Wonder Woman and Cyborg burst into the bar and have the people get back. Cyborg then uses the aluminum oxide Batman gave him and injects J'onn with it, causing him to stop burning. J'onn then turns invisible and then density-shifts out of the bar. Wonder Woman and Cyborg then meet him outside and they tell him to come with them and the 3 fly off. At Star City, Green Arrow continues to drift under the water, slowly drowning when Aquaman arrives and saves him by getting him to the surface and laying him on the dock, where Batman performs CPR to get him to breathe while Aquaman tends to Roy and Mia. Roy gains consciousness and takes care of Mia. Green Arrow then apologizes to them for putting them in danger and tells Roy to get home and take care of Mia and to stay inside for the night. Roy agrees as he picks up Mia and heads home. Batman then tells Green Arrow to come with them and the 3 leave. In Fawcett City, Billy continues to fall until Batman arrives in the Batwing and saves him while Superman takes care of Black Adam. Superman and Adam clash, but Superman's vulnerability to magic allows Black Adam to gain the upper hand. Batman then explains to Billy that after the first public appearance of Captain Marvel, he's been tracking him down, watching him to make sure he's not a threat and learning his secrets, his powers, his weaknesses, and his secret identity and his friends and family. He then tells him to change into Captain Marvel, but Billy says that he can't, Adam killed Shazam. Batman though tells him he didn't and that it's a form of reverse psychology to make you so afraid that you won't transform and to prove his point, he ejects Billy out of his plane and as Billy starts falling through the air, he shouts the word and a blast of lightning hits him, transforming him into Captain Marvel. Batman then distracts Black Adam long enough for him, Superman, and Marvel to escape. Batman and Superman then call the other Leaguers and tells them to meet up in an abandoned warehouse outside of Jump City.

Later, once all of them arrive, Batman announces to the League that he was the mastermind these attacks and tells them about his secret files on the League members. He then tells Cyborg, Marvel, Green Arrow, and Martian Manhunter that he's also kept files on them after they came out as superheroes to also prepare for when they should ever go rogue and knows everyone's secret identities, including the League's. Wonder Woman then steps forward and yells at him for disobeying their trust and for keeping files on them and berates him for her almost getting killed. Batman though says that he also put a contingency plan in his files and uploads them on the local computer. He reveals that he's planted a tracing algorithm in them and manages to trace them back to a LexCorp warehouse in Metropolis. At the LexCorp warehouse, the Injustice League sit around, smiling happy at their apparent victory when Lex announces to them his plan to make them all the rulers of Earth. He reveals to them that he's had LexCorp satellites surround the planet and plans to use them to create an energy shield around Earth to block out the sun's rays, which will slowly kill everyone on Earth due to the lack of sunlight and vitamin D and that they'll hold the world hostage until they get absolute control over it and he promises to give each one of them their own countries to rule over.

Back at the warehouse, Batman tells the Leaguers they can't just go and take on Luthor and the Injustice League because they know all of their secrets and will just use them again against them and tells them that they need a plan. Wonder Woman then calls Steve and has him get the blueprints and layout of the LexCorp warehouse, which Flash runs off to retrieve. Batman then tells them that they've got the element of surprise on their side and quickly comes up with a plan. At the LexCorp warehouse, J'onn uses his powers to sneak inside and tosses some stones at a wall and then leaves. Lex sends Black Adam outside to check it out, but once he flies outside, he gets attacked by Superman and Captain Marvel. Black Adam though uses a magic spell to weaken Superman while Captain Marvel continues to fight Black Adam. The 2 almost come to a standstill when Wonder Woman and Green Lantern show up and help him fight Adam. Adam though manages to overpower them, but they distract him long enough for Captain Marvel to grab him and say Shazam, causing him to transform back into Teth-Adam. Superman then freezes his mouth shut to prevent him from transforming back. Meanwhile, Batman tries to sneak into the building when he is caught by Cheetah, who attacks him. Batman manages to hold his own until Count Vertigo arrives and knocks him out with Vertigo Effect. When Batman wakes up, he finds himself tied up and surrounded by the Injustice League. Lex is shocked that Batman's alive and realizes that the other Leaguers must be alive as well and orders Joker to watch over Batman. While Joker watches over him, Batman and Joker exchange banter and Joker tells him how tempting it is to kill him. Batman though manages to use reverse-psychology to get him to release him. Once he does, the 2 fight for a while until Batman manages to knock Joker unconscious. He then sneaks back into the main room where Lex reveals to the Injustice League his supercomputer that'll activate the satellites and has it start to align them. Suddenly, the Justice League arrive after waiting for too long, leading to an epic battle between the 2 leagues. Parasite attacks Superman and tries to drain his powers, but Superman reveals he's wearing a plastic coating, saving him from Parasite's powers. He then knocks Parasite unconscious after several punches. Superman then rips off the plastic coating and rejoins the battle.

Sinestro and Green Lantern clash, with Sinestro gaining the upper hand due to Green Lantern's weakness to yellow. But, when Sinestro threatens to kill Carol afterwards, it causes Green Lantern's will to grow stronger and he easily overcomes Sinestro and defeats him and removes his ring from Sinestro's finger. Batman then is just about to attack Riddler, who tries to stall him with a riddle. Batman though easily solves the riddle and attacks Riddler, who tries to defend himself, but Batman easily defeats him and knocks him unconscious. Gizmo then attacks Cyborg with his gadgets, but Cyborg manages to upload a virus to his gear, causing his jetpack and weapons to malfunction and fly him into a generator which explodes, killing him. Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, and Captain Cold then all attack Flash, who uses his superspeed to dodge their attacks. He then has them take each other out by having Captain Cold freeze Mirror Master to the wall, Captain Boomerang's exploding boomerang to hit Captain Cold, knocking him unconscious, and one of Mirror Master's mirror blasts to hit Captain Boomerang, knocking him unconscious. Green Arrow starts firing arrows at Brick, which have no effect on him, causing Brick to easily toss Green Arrow. Green Arrow though fires one last arrow, which covers Brick in high-density polyurethane foam, restraining him. Green Arrow then knocks him unconscious with one punch. Dr. Sivana gets in his mech and attacks Captain Marvel, who easily destroys his mech and knocks him out with one punch. Aquaman battles Ocean-Master with his trident and starts to overcome him, until Black Manta attacks him, distracting him long enough for Ocean-Master to use the trident to attack Aquaman. Ocean-Master then fires another blast at him, but Aquaman reflects it off of his prosthetic hand, knocking the trident back into Aquaman's hands. Aquaman then uses it to knock Ocean-Master unconscious. He then fights with Black Manta and uses his trident to overload Black Manta's suit, causing it to short-circuit and electrocute him unconscious. Wonder Woman takes on Cheetah, who attacks her with poison-laced claws, but Wonder Woman manages to drive her back when Giganta attacks her and tosses her around. Wonder Woman though pushes a button on her tiara, causing the invisible jet to fly into the building and crash into Giganta, knocking her unconscious. She then uses her super-strength to get Cheetah back and knocks her unconscious.

Metallo attacks Superman by firing kryptonite blasts at him, weakening him. Metallo then has him cornered and fires another blast when Superman grabs a shard of glass from the windows and uses it to reflect the blast back at Metallo, causing his robotic body to malfunction and shut down. Martian Manhunter and Ma'alefa'ak battle it out with their telekinesis, shape-shifting, density-shifting, and super strength. Ma'alefa'ak though gains the upper hand, but J'onn uses his telepathy to psychically attack him. J'onn then disowns him as his brother and uses his telepathy to put him in a catatonic state. Count Vertigo attacks Green Arrow with his Vertigo Effect, weakening him. But a sonic blast from Cyborg weakens Vertigo long enough for Green Arrow to fire an arrow that destroys his Vertigo device and then takes him out with his bow. Doctor Light attacks Cyborg with light blasts, but Cyborg counters with sonic blasts, canceling each other out. Cyborg then uses his super-strength to destroy Dr. Light's suit and knock him unconscious. Lex though has the satellites aligned and pushes the button to start conjuring the energy shield. Batman though knocks him unconscious with one punch and then he and Cyborg try to hack into the super-computer to stop the process, but is unable to, due to a security program Lex installed in it. Superman, Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, and Martian Manhunter then fly off to try and stop the satellites with their powers, but to no use. Batman then calls Lucius and has him hack into the WayneTech satellite and give him control, which he uses it to cancel out the LexCorp satellites and stopping the energy shield from forming.

Later, the authorities arrive to clean up the mess. King Faraday and his men take Ma'alefa'ak's body back to base for study and also clears up the mess at the bar, preventing his identity from being discovered. Joker and Riddler are taken back to Arkham Asylum in Gotham while Metallo, Parasite, Giganta, and Cheetah are sent to S.T.A.R. Labs for study. Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang are sent to Iron Heights Penitentiary. Kilowog shows up later to take Sinestro back to Oa to put before the Guardians and congratulates Hal on his victory. Dr. Light is taken to Stryker's Island, along with Black Manta and Dr. Sivana. Brick and Count Vertigo are sent to Belle Reve Penitentiary. Ocean-Master is the only one that managed to escape, much to Aquaman's anger. Shazam banishes Teth-Adam back to a prison dimension. Lex Luthor though gets away clean, due to his claims that the villains attacked him and killed Mercy and then took him hostage and forced him to use his satellites. An angry Superman protests against that and says that Luthor is an evil mastermind that formed the Injustice League, but since he doesn't have any evidence, Lex gets away free, much to Superman's anger.

The heroes then leave, but not before agreeing to meet up sometime this week to discuss this week's events. Clark Kent returns to the Daily Planet, much to Lois's happiness and the 2 reunite with a kiss. In Gotham City, Bruce Wayne returns to Wayne Manor, where Alfred and Lucius wait for him and the 2 welcome him home and congratulate him on his victory. Diana Prince returns to the military base where Steve and Etta greet her. She and Steve then reunite with a kiss as they embrace. She then returns to Themyscira and reunites with her mother and her fellow Amazons. At Atlantis, Aquaman returns and is greeted by Queen Mera, Vulko, Tula, and Garth and he and Mera reunite with a kiss. In Central City, Barry returns and is greeted by Iris, Wally, Jay, and Patty and he and Iris embrace and share a kiss. In Coast City, Hal returns and is greeted by Carol and Thomas and he and Carol reunite with a kiss. At Star City, Oliver Queen returns to the Queen Manor where he's greeted by Dinah and the 2 reunite with a kiss, along with Dinah telling him that he should've let her help him. In New York, Victor Stone returns to his home, where Sarah and Gar greet him and he and Sarah reunite with a kiss and then the 2 comfort him over the death of his father, Silas. In Middletown, John Jones returns to his apartment where Cindy and King Faraday greet him and Cindy even hugs him and starts crying, scared that he was gonna die. In Fawcett City, Billy returns to the Bromfield Manor where Mary and Freddy greet him, but they're still having a hard time accepting that he's Captain Marvel. Billy though smiles and decides to explain his origin to them.

A week later, Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, and Cyborg meet up in a new abandoned warehouse, where they all take a vote to make Green Arrow, Martian Manhunter, Cyborg, and Captain Marvel members of the League and the vote is unanimous. the Leaguers then vote to see if Batman should remain on the League after finding out he created files on them about their lives and weaknesses. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg, and Captain Marvel vote no, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, and Green Arrow vote yes, leaving the tiebreaker vote to Superman. Batman though says that he already knows Superman's vote and leaves, but Superman stops him by voting yes and tells him that Batman isn't at fault because they are the most powerful beings on Earth and that if they ever do go rogue, there must be a backup plan. Batman smiles and then tells him that Wayne Enterprises is building a state-of-the-art fortress HQ and that he has a few friends that could have it become their HQ, which they all agree and he takes them to the incomplete hall through a transporter and shows it to them. The League quickly stare in awe at the Hall of Justice and officially make it their HQ and home.

Meanwhile, in a press conference, Lex Luthor gives a public statement about his time of "imprisonment" by the Injustice League and how he thought he was gonna die and said that after surviving this encounter, he decides to pursue a career in politics and officially announces his campaign to run for President of the United States, much to the media's shock.

In a post-credits scene, on a distant planet called Apokolips, a servant runs to the throne room and greet their lord, Darkseid and tells him that there have been reports about superhumans and heroes fighting and defending the Earth. Darkseid smiles and tells him to send a scout to Earth to investigate and says that he has plans to make that world part of his empire and rule it.

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