Lucius Fox

Real Name:

Lucius Fox


Mr. Fox

The Modern Midas




Bruce Wayne

Thomas Wayne

Martha Wayne

Wayne Entersipes




Gender - Male

Eyes - Hazel

Hair - Brown

Portayed by:

Danny John Jules


The Knight of Gotham

The Knight of Krypton

The Knight of Fear

The Knight of Shadows

Lucius Fox is a man who helped save Wayne Enterprises and is an ally to the Bat Family.


Lucius Fox was born in New York City, home of offers and rewards. He grew up and attended Princton University, and then Business School. After that, he started working in different cities across the United States, and soon learned that his skills were so good, he could save companies.

So, he started saving companies and getting rich. Meanwhile, he grew an interest in building things, so he started making gadgets and weapons, moving them every time he needed to go somewhere else.

The Knight of GothamEdit

After Thomas and Martha's death, the company's value began to sink. By the time Bruce was 17, the company was on the verge of collaspe. However, Lucius Fox arrived and saved the company.

Later, he would show Bruce around the company.

The Knight of FearEdit

The Knight of ShadowsEdit


  • Lucius meeting Bruce outside of Wayne Enterprises

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