Miranda Strange: Sorceress Supreme, Lady of Balance & Queen of The Twilight Dimension is a Animated series created by Warner Bros. Animation and DC comics.

The franchise is about a young sorceress named Miranda Strange who defends the Earth, her realm: The Twilight Dimension and the Multiverse from magical and physical threats.

Miranda Strange teams up with heroes from The Justice League to fight evil. Miranda also joins the League.


  • Miranda Strange x John Constantine

Miranda is the only sorceress who is capable of achieving the status as one of the most powerful sorcerers like The Famous Wizard Merlin and Mephisto Pheles.

Miranda Strange is a good childhood friend to Bruce Wayne / Batman, Zatanna Zatara and Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze / Rikudo / Doctor Fate .

The alternative title for this story is called Miranda Strange: Sorceress Supreme, Goddess of Creation and Destruction & Ruler of The Light and Dark Dimensions.


Miranda Strange is the daughter of Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Stephen Vincent Strange and his wife Clea Strange. She possesses vast mystical energy, her parents trained her to harness her abilities so she can succeed her father as Sorcerer Supreme. Miranda studied hard and learned until she learned that her mother is the niece of The Overlord of The Dark Dimension. She embraces her family's DNA and uses her powers to protect the world. Miranda came to a realization that she was chosen to be the true successor of the previous Lord of Balance and Ruler of the Twilight Dimension, Raiku Otsutsuki. After her training, Miranda has ascended to her rightful place as Sorceress Supreme, Lady of Balance and the new ruler of the Twilight Dimension.

Miranda Strange has returned with a new personality and a new mindset on life. She defends Earth against evil threats. Mystical and nonmystical alongside Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Zatanna, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Rikudo, Dragon Goddess, Cyborg, Black Canary, Ghost Master, Huntress, Zero, Supergirl, Power Girl, Green Arrow, Lady Death, Immortal Man, Shazam, Hawkman, Troia and The Justice League.






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