"Mr. President" is a short film set in The DC Movie Universe.


Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor

Amanda Seyfried as Hope

Scoot McNairy as Cameraman

Alex Borstein as Makeup Artist

Jerry Seinfeld as Mic Operator


Set after The Man of Steel, Lex Luthor begins filming his first presidential campaign commercial. During the first take, Lex tells the cameraman that the camera lens is smudged, but the cameraman insists that it's fine and keep rolling, but Lex tells him that he can't even see himself in the camera, so they stop rolling while the cameraman cleans his lens. During the next take, Lex stops shooting as he tells the cameraman that he looks old and fat in the camera and yells at his makeup artist to put more makeup on his face. During the next take, Lex continues saying his lines until the mic is seen on the camera, causing Lex to angrily stop filming and yells at the mic operator to keep the mic out of his shot. The mic operator apologizes and tells him that the mic is actually too heavy for him, but Lex refuses to listen to him and angrily fires him, ordering him out of the studio. During the next take, Lex forgets his lines and orders his new assistant, Hope to come over and tell him what his lines were. Later, after many more takes and cuts, filming is finally complete, where the cameraman congratulates him, but Lex brushes him off and heads to his office.

At his office, Lex watches the finished commercial with Hope and smiles. He then tells Hope that his plans are finally about to come into place, as his polls are looking good, and brags that soon, once he wins, he'll now have more power than even Superman. Hope then reminds Lex that he has a LexCorp board meeting in an hour to attend, but Lex moans and tells her to call them and tell them that he's busy with his campaign, since he doesn't feel like attending another board meeting, which Hope complies with.

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