"Project Cadmus" is a TV series set in The DC Movie Universe.


Main CastEdit

Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller/White Queen II

Robert Carlyle as Professor Anthony Ivo

Ethan Hawke as Chief Jim Harper (season 1)

Hayden Chrisstensen as Dr. Eobard Thawne (season 1)

Victoria Cartagena as Dr. Amanda Spence

Kevin Bacon as Dr. Mark Desmond

Nicholas Braun as Project Kr/Superboy (season 2)

Tom Kenny as Dubbilex (season 2)

Supporting CastEdit

Dave Bautista as Mitchell Black/Peacemaker

Neal McDonough as Dr. Hank Henshaw/Black Bishop

John Schneider as Maxwell Lord/Black King

Richard Gere as Alan Scott/Green Lantern/White King II

Carmen Moore as Elizabeth Thorne/Black Queen

Sophia Bush as Sasha Bordeaux/Black Knight/Black Queen II

Jon Bernthal as Floyd Lawton/Deadshot

Jude Law as Count Werner Vertigo/White Knight

John Slattery as Special Agent King Faraday/White Rook

Elena Korikova as Valentina Vostok/White Queen

Bill Paxton as Detective Harvey Bullock/White Bishop

Eric Stoltz as Lieutenant Harry Stein/White King

Lisa Arch as Jessica Midnight/Black Bishop

Ben Kingsley as Dr. Hugo Strange/Black Rook

David Thewlis as Phillip Kramer/White Bishop

Jane Fonda as Martha Kent/Red Queen

Ewen Bremner as Thomas Jagger/White Knight

David Harewood as Tyson Sykes/Black Rook

Peter Facinelli as Carl Draper/White Rook

Jay Chou as Jonah McCarthy/Black Knight

Matt Davis as Lucas "Snapper" Carr/White Pawn

Jeff Branson as Arthur Kendrick/Black Pawn

Ron Cephas Jones as David Said/Black Pawn

Mike Colter as Gary Washington/Black Pawn

Kelsey Grammar as General Wade Eiling/Black Pawn

Mark Rolston as General John Hardcastle/Black Pawn

Ian Somerhalder as Col. Rick Flagg Jr./White Pawn

Clive Owen as Lieutenant Rick Flag Sr./Black Pawn

Kevin Costner as Senator Joseph Cray/White Pawn

Jason Bateman as Adam Cray/White Pawn

Laurence Fishburne as J'onn J'onzz/John Jones/Martian Manhunter

Hunter Parrish as Roy Harper

David Wenham as Jack Wyznowski/White Pawn

Sterling K. Brown as Michael Holt/Mister Terrific/White Pawn

Jay Hernandez as Christopher Weiss/Slipknot/Black Pawn

Judy Greer as Kalia Campbell/White Pawn

Alan Tudyk as G.I. Robot/White Pawn (motion capture and voice)

Anthony Daniels as L-Ron/Black Pawn (motion capture and voice)


Set before Justice League: AMAZO, Project Cadmus is a secret government organization dedicated to countering the power of superhumans and aliens in the world by creating secret superhuman weapons and agents to "protect" the world from superheroes and villains, especially the Justice League.


Season 1: 22 episodes


Flash and Substance

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