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Gotham City Orphanage


Hair - Blond

Eyes - Blue

Gender - Female

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The Knight of Gotham

Selina Kyle was a worker at the Gotham City Orphanage, and now is a catburglar in Gotham City.


Early Life Edit

Selina was born into a poor family with 2 sisters and 1 brother, along with her parents in Gotham City. She was forced to steal food from owners, and didn't even get to gradute school. But she did take yoga and martial art lessons.

In her later years, she decided to help other unforunate children, and joined the group at the Gotham City Orphanage.

The Knight of GothamEdit

Gotham City Orphanage Edit

Sometime before the movie, she heard the nursery rhyme about the Court of Owls.When Bruce Wayne went to the orphange, she tried convincing him to give money, since the orphange was going to close. While he did, he got her to tell him about the rhyme.

Later that night, the Talon attacked her. He pushed her out the window, where she thought she died. However, she was alive, and ran away. She decided to get revenge, but didn't want the orphanage attacked, so she developed a disguise. It was only when she was forced to steal for food when she remembered the thrill of stealing from her childhood. That is when Catwoman was born.

The Cat and the BatEdit

One night, she was stealing when Batman caught her. Catwoman tells him about the court's attack and helps attack some of the court members. However, she steals things along the way. Later that night, the Bat and the Cat accidently kiss.

Sometime later, she has still is stealing when some of the members kidnap her. She wakes up in the Court's lair, in the middle of a labryinth. She escaped with Batman, and watched brother againest brother fight. In the court's attack, she saved the orphans but not herself.


Catwoman is trained in martial arts, gymnastics, and yoga. She is swift and can single handely subdue an entire gang of criminals. She is intelligent and has good senses.


Bruce Wayne is very dedicated to the orphanage. However, when she becomes Catwoman, she starts to be sneaky, swift, and doesn't like helping people. She also becomes more aggresive.

Bases of OperationEdit

Gotham City OrphangeEdit

This is where she used to work.


She wears a cat costume, with a ultily belt, red googles, a small backback, and a whip.


  • Selina Kyle
  • Catwoman