"Technical Difficulties" is a short film set in The DC Movie Universe.


Angela Bassett as Amanda Waller

Robert Carlyle as Professor Anthony Ivo


Set before Justice League: AMAZO, at a Cadmus base in an undisclosed location, Professor Ivo continues working on his AMAZO bot, supplying it with the Kryptonian tech from Superman's rocket ship. Amanda Waller then walks over and tells him to hurry up and finish adapting the Kryptonian tech to the android. But Ivo tells her that since Kryptonian technology is beyond advanced Earth technology, it might take weeks, months, even years to learn how to work it and to adapt it as a weapon, but Amanda refuses to hear his excuses and tells him to finish up with the android or else! Ivo then moans and starts mocking Amanda's voice as she walks away. He then continues examining the Kryptonian tech, but when he accidentally shocks himself, it causes the android to whir to life. The android then starts destroying everything around them and stomps off throughout the base. Ivo then activates a security alert, alerting everyone to the rampaging android.

Amanda orders all agents to destroy the android, but Ivo tries to talk her out of it, instead shutting it down. The agents then attack AMAZO, but AMAZO adapts to their weapons and quickly takes them out. Ivo hops on it to try and shut it down, but AMAZO tosses him off and continues rampaging through the base. Amanda then quickly runs into a top-secret lab and takes a powerful weapon made from the tech of Abin Sur's ship. She then runs off and finds AMAZO about to crush a scientist when she blasts it with the weapon, destroying it. Ivo is shocked at all of his hardwork being destroyed and Amanda quickly demands him to rebuild it, but this time more carefully.

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