Teen Titans (previously classified as The Titans) is an upcoming American superhero film directed and produced by Josh Trank along with John Albright, who wrote the film's screenplay. Based on the DC Comics superhero team of the same name, the film stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Daveigh Chase, Michael B. Jordan, Matt Shively, Rooney Mara and Christian Alexander as Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Kid Flash, respectively. It will serve as the third installment in the DC Comics cinematic universe of Earth-819. The film will reportedly take many inspirations from the television series as well as certain comic book publications featuring the team.


Having set a foothold in Jump City following the events of The Knight, Dick Grayson (Robin) is forced to team up with five extraordinary individuals; each with unique abilities, to stop a terrorist organization known as H.I.V.E. from obtaining a chemical compound called Xenothium, which can serve as a very robust power source.


  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Dick Grayson/Robin, the former partner of Batman, who has left Gotham City to pursue a career of crime-fighting independently. After rooting himself and his job in the municipality of Jump City, Dick is forced to ally with five other crimefighters to help stop the H.I.V.E. terrorist organization from acquiring Xenothium, a newly-discovered chemical compound.
  • Daveigh Chase as Kory Anders/Starfire, a Tamaranean who escaped from the Psions, a group of cruel and sadistic extraterrestrial scientists, who kept Kory in confinement and experimented on her, ultimately giving her amplified abilities that allowed her to break out and flee to the nearest planet: Earth. 
  • Michael B. Jordan as Victor Stone/Cyborg
  • Matt Shively as Garfield Logan/Beast Boy
  • Rooney Mara as Rachel Roth/Raven
  • Christian Alexander as Wallace West/Kid Flash