--WONDER WOMAN AKA DIANA-- Diana's Inner Monologue: They came out of nowhere. I was walking down a bridge in London when, they just...appeared

Diana was fightig a mysterious black figure with a glowing green blade.


The figure leaps towards Diana and swings at her stomach, taking out some flesh.

(Diana): AARGH!

Diana jumps upwards and kicks the figure in the stomach.

(Figure): Stop, Diana. All I need is for you to come quietly.

Diana stands before the figure, holding her stomach. 

(Diana): ...And why in Hades would I do THAT?

(Figure): You'll do it or I'll blow this whole city to Hell or..Hades as you like to call it.

Diana's Inner Monologue: I don't know what to do, they could be bluffing...And they might not be

(Diana): How do I know your not bluffing? 

(Figure): Hm, maybe this?

A huge lightning bolt destroys a car driving past them.

(Diana): There were...children in that vehicle! 

(Figure): Don't make me blow up MORE than just a CAR...

(Diana): A-alright. I'll come with you.

(Figure): Yes, you will. 


Inner Monologue: Randomly, some person just...appeared in front of me...while I was flying! And the weirdest thing is, so were they.

(Superman): What, do you want from me? 

(Figure): Information.

(Superman): Oh, well, on what?

(Figure): What is your 'weakness'? 

(Superman): No offense but, I'm not going to tell you that. 

(Figure): Yes, you will. 

A lighting bolt appears and the figure hold Wonder Woman mockingly died up in her own rope/lasso.

(Superman): DIA- I mean Wonder Woman! 

(Figure): Tell me or she does this...

The figure snaps his fingers and a lightning bolt hits a red haired boy on the side walk of Metropolis, killing him. 

(Superman): Jimmy... 

Superman has tears in his eyes and holds himself from attacking the Figure.

Inner Monologue: Jimmy, he-he's actually gone...CLARK NO! Control youself!

(Figure): Now, tell me what your weakness is. 

(Superman): What's that on your back? 

The hilt of the Figure's blade is seen off the top of his shoulder. 

(Figure): Why, it's a little weapon I like to call 'The Blade of Zeus' because he obviously let me have that great victory against the 'Green Lanterns'. 

(Superman): Did you kill...the Green Lanterns? 

(Figure): Of course not, then the rings would have flown off to their NEW Lanterns. I merely killed the blue dwarves and took over control of both the Green and Yellow corps. They used their power to make me it. Now, tell me what is your weakness.

(Superman): Kryptonite. 

(Figure): ...Are you serious? 

(Superman): Yes. Why?

(Figure): Well, your homeworld was known as Krypton. So...yeah.