"The Cyborg 2" is the 10th movie in the third level of The DC Movie Universe.


Christian Keyes as Victor Stone/Cyborg

Regina Hall as Dr. Sarah Charles

Bridgit Mendler as Sarah Simms

Tyler Posey as Garfield Logan/Beast Boy

Kat Graham as LeTonya Charles/Cyborgirl

Morgan Freeman as Silas Stone

Debbi Morgan as Elinore Stone

Marc John Jefferies as Ron Evers

Forest Whittaker as Dr. DeShaun Kendall

Gary Oldman as Elias Orr

Charlie Rowe as Mikron O'Jeneus Jr./Gizmo II

Paul Butcher as Mark Wright

Helen Mirren as Granny Goodness

Eva Longoria as Lashina

Diane Delano as Stompa

Marcia Cross as Mad Harriet

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