The DC Animated Cinematic Universe is a collection of animated DC movies created by Warner Bros. Animation and DC comics.

The New 52 movies are in the universe.


Superman Edit

  • Man of Steel
  • Last Son of Krypton
  • Man of Tomorrow
  • Second Son of Rao

Wonder Woman Edit

  • Amazon Princess
  • Amazon Queen
  • Goddess of War
  • Daughter of Zeus

Superman / Wonder Woman Edit

  • Power Couple
  • Doomsday
  • Scion of The Primordials
  • Rising Legacy
  • Destinies Intertwined

Batman Edit

  • The Dark Knight
  • Caped Crusader
  • The Dark Avenger

Zatanna Edit

  • Mistress Of Magic
  • Sorceress Supreme & Guardian of The Multiverse
  • Daughter of The Homo Magi

Batman / Zatanna Edit

  • Arkham War Zone
  • Homecoming of The Outer Darkness
  • Under The Red Hood
  • Son of Batman, Stepson of Zatanna
  • Batman & Zatanna V. Robin
  • Bad Blood

Green Lantern Edit

  • First Flight
  • Emerald Knight
  • Red Rage
  • Colored Spectrum

The Flash Edit

  • Crimson Speedster
  • The Fastest Man Alive
  • Gorilla Warfare
  • Absolute Zero
  • Master of The Speed Force

Martian Manhunter Edit

  • The Last Green Martian
  • Son of Mars
  • Revenge of The Imperium

Hawkman & Hawkgirl Edit

  • The Winged Warriors
  • The Reincarnated Thanagarian Defenders
  • Defying Destiny
  • The Savage Hawkman
  • The Angel of Rome

Aquaman Edit

  • King of Atlantis
  • Blood Brothers

Ryumegami / Dragon Goddess Edit

  • Mistress of Dragons
  • Heavenly Dragon Empress
  • Blood Sisters
  • Draconian Guardian of Heaven

Cyborg Edit

  • Bionic Man
  • Silver Fists

Black Canary Edit

  • The Blonde Songbird
  • Dangerous Diva
  • Canary Fly, Canary Cry
  • Broken Legacy
  • The Goddess of Light and Darkness

Kitsune Paladin / Doctor Fate Edit

  • Nabu's True Successor & The New Lord of Order
  • Avatar of The Life Entity & Supreme King of The Mystic Arts
  • The Child of Destiny
  • The Strongest Wizard in Existence & Divine Guardian of The Universe
  • The 2nd Sorcerer Supreme & Champion of The One Above All / The Presence
  • Sorcerer of Order & Godlike Defender of Justice & Righteousness

Kitsune Paladin / Black Canary Edit

  • Rage of Nyssa Al Ghul
  • Trigon's Fury
  • Unholy Blood

Birds of Prey Edit

  • Predators & Prey
  • Sisterhood

Captain Marvel / Shazam Edit

  • Earth's Mightiest Mortal
  • Return of Black Adam

Time Mistress Edit

  • Daughter of Tennoia
  • Maiden of Revolution
  • The Ultimate Supertank
  • The Chromatic Time Queen

Superman / Wonder Woman / Time Mistress Edit

  • The Man of Steel, Woman of Gold & Goddess of Time
  • The Power Triangle
  • Son of Rao, Daughter of Zeus & Granddaughter of Chronos
  • Destinies Unbound

King Primal / King Leoné Edit

  • The Lion King of Prima
  • Savage Dynasty
  • Long Live The King
  • Primal Roar of The Lion King
  • The Supreme Beast King & Cosmic Protector of The Galaxy

Electric Edit

  • Queen of The Storm
  • Descendant of Zeus, King of The Gods
  • Empress of the Sky

Hyperion / Gold Star / Master Sentinel Edit

  • The Ultimate Hero
  • Son of Kaijinn
  • God of Balance & Justice
  • The Golden Star Knight of Honor

Raganarok Girl / Lady Phantom Edit

  • The Mystic Ghost Princess
  • Insane Heroine
  • Daughter of Phantasmatikós
  • The Child of Miracles

Batman / Zatanna / Electric Edit

  • Warriors of the Shadows
  • Arkham Nightmare
  • The Dark Knight, Mistress of Magic & Empress of The Skies
  • The Killing Joke

Scarlet KingEdit

  • Son of Tennoia
  • Mad Hero
  • Bad Blood

Lady Death Edit

  • Guardian of Limbo
  • Queen of The Shadows

Static Shock Edit

  • Shock to the System
  • The Metabreed
  • The Big Bang War

Amethyst Edit

  • Princess of Gemworld
  • Lady of Order
  • Rise of The 10th Age of Magic

Raganarok / X-Master Edit

  • Heir of Shat-Ru
  • Champion of The Gods & Heir of The Presence
  • God of Order

Vixen Edit

  • Spirit of The Beasts
  • Wielder of The Spirit Totem
  • Blood Sisters
  • Raging Inferno

Red Tornado Edit

  • The Wind Elemental
  • The Robotic Air Manipulator
  • Sky Master

Strange Visitor / Voltage Queen Edit

  • Heir of Kismet
  • The New Cosmic Goddess

Green Arrow Edit

  • The Emerald Archer

Green Arrow / Lady Death Edit

  • The Vertigo Effect
  • The Emerald Archer & The White Avatar of Death

Madame Xanadu Edit

  • The Immortal Clairvoyant
  • Mystic Gypsy
  • Sister of Morgan Le Fey

Etrigan Edit

  • The Demon Knight
  • The Accursed Warrior From Hell

Etrigan & Madame Xanadu Edit

  • The Demon and The Gypsy
  • Morgan Le Fay's Uprising

John Constantine Edit

  • Hellblazer
  • Lucifer's Revenge

Black Orchid Edit

  • Avatar of The Green

Huntress Edit

  • The Heroic Mercinary
  • The Purple & Black Predator

The Question Edit

  • The Faceless Detective
  • The Conspiracy Theorist

Icon Edit

  • Son of Terminus
  • Big Bang Fury

​Miranda Strange Edit

  • Daughter of The King of the Multiverse
  • Goddess Supreme & Empress of Creation and Destruction
  • Queen of The Multiverse
  • The Ruler of The Light and Dark Dimensions

Zero Edit

  • The New God of Life & Rebirth
  • Alpha New God
  • Defender of New Genesis

Supergirl Edit

  • The Maiden of Steel

Power Girl Edit

  • The Kryptonian from Another Dimension

King Phantom / Ghost Master Edit

  • The King of Ghosts
  • Master of The Afterlife

Huntress / Power Girl Edit

  • World's Finest

Nightfire Edit

  • Rise of The Goddess of Magic
  • The Queen of Witchcraft
  • The New Legend
  • The Great Female Detective

Swamp Thing Edit

  • Defender of The Green
  • The Earth's True Guardian

Reaper Edit

  • Guardian of Death
  • Death Goddess

The AtomEdit

  • Microscopic Hero

Red Ember / Dark Inferno Edit

  • Hell's Demonic Draconian Guardian
  • Defender of The Devils

Zauriel / Ace of Clubs Edit

  • The Immortal Heavenly Spartan
  • Champion of The Biblical God
  • Archangel of Truth and Justice

Omni Queen Edit

  • The High Quern of All Existence
  • Goddess of Miracles
  • The Daughter of the Primordial Dragon Gods
  • Miraculous Abyssal Nexus Judgement Dragon
  • Legend of Legends

Firestorm Edit

  • The Nuclear Man

Phantom Stranger Edit

  • The Brotherless One
  • Grey Walker

The Spectre Edit

  • Spirit of Vengeance
  • God's Agent of Redemption
  • The Ghostly Guardian

Blue Tempest / Twilight Star Edit

  • Empress of Twilight
  • Guardian of The Fallen Angels

Justice LeagueEdit

  • Justice League: War
  • Justice League: Doom
  • Justice League: Throne of Atlantis
  • Justice League: Public Enemies
  • Justice League: Apocalypse
  • Justice League Vs. Teen Titans
  • Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad
  • Justice League: Legendary Trinity War
  • Justice League Dark
  • Justice League Dark: Destiny's Revenge
  • Justice League: War World
  • Justice League: Infinity War Part 1
  • Justice League: Infinity War Part 2

Teen Titans Edit

  • The Judas Contract

Animated Series Edit

  • Superman / Wonder Woman / Time Mistress: The Animated Series
  • Batman / Zatanna / Electric: The Animated Series
  • Justice League - Action: Gods Among Us
  • Justice League: United