"The DC Movie Universe" is a universe of movies, TV shows, shorts, animated series, animated movies, miniseries, and comics.

Level 1Edit

The Last Son of Krypton

The Caped Crusader

Amazon Warrior

The Scarlet Speedster

Emerald Warrior

King of Atlantis

Justice League: AMAZO

Level 2Edit

The Man of Tomorrow

The Gotham Knight

Amazon Princess

The Fastest Man Alive

Emerald Knight

Throne of Atlantis

Emerald Archer



The Cyborg

Justice League 2: The Injustice League

Level 3Edit

The Man of Steel

The Dark Avenger

Amazon Queen

The Speed Force

Emerald Guardian

Battle For Atlantis

Emerald Archer 2

Martian 2


The Cyborg 2

Emerald Archer 3


The Savage Hawkman

Microscopic Explorer

Atomic Soldier

Mistress of Magic

The Nuclear Man

Justice League 3 Part 1: Darkseid Descending

Justice League 3 Part 2: Apokolips

Level 4Edit

The Metropolis Marvel

The Dark Knight

Amazon Heroine

The Scarlet Rebirth

Emerald Dawn

Sword of Atlantis

Emerald Archer 4

Martian 3


The Cyborg 3

Microscopic Explorer 2

Atomic Soldier 2: Genesis

The Savage Hawkman and Hawkgirl

Mistress of Magic 2

The Nuclear Man 2


Justice League Dark

Justice League 4: Crime Syndicate

Animated ShowsEdit

Justice League: World's Mightiest Heroes

The New Adventures of Superman

Shadow of the Batman

Live-action ShowsEdit

Project Cadmus

Arkham Asylum

Gotham Central

Short FilmsEdit

The Big Date

Technical Difficulties

Mr. President

The Glades

Superman's Pal

The Rogues

Gotham Central

Green Lantern Corps

New Gods

World of Krypton

Animated MoviesEdit

Superman & Batman: World's Finest Heroes

Superman & Wonder Woman: World's Finest Heroes

Batman & Wonder Woman: World's Finest Heroes

The Flash & Green Lantern: World's Finest Heroes


The Outsiders

Suicide Squad

The Spectre

Teen Titans

Blue Beetle

Birds of Prey

Jonah Hex


Legion of Super-Heroes

Legion Lost


Men of War

Doom Patrol

Justice Society of America

Metal Men

Adam Strange


Waller, Amanda

Justice League: Amazo: Prelude

The Flash & Green Lantern: Fast Friends

Batman: Robin

Wonder Woman: Amazon

Emerald Warrior Prelude: The Green Lantern Corps

Justice League 2: The Injustice League: Prelude