The Flash: The Animated Series is a 2017 animated series.

FlashLogoThe Flash: Speed ForceFlashLogo
Show Description


Superhero; Action/Adventure; Drama

Created By

Geoff Johns & Scott Snyder;


Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Marsden

Opening Theme

"Electricity" by James Venable

No. of Seasons


No. of Episodes



Running Time

22 min.

Production Company(s)

Warner Brothers Animation

DC Comics


Original Channel

DC Nation



In 2016, following the production of Knights' finale of Knights Scott Snyder was perusing Geoff Johns' run on The Flash and decided it had potential for a television series. Geoff Johns was hired to oversee the new project. A few months later, it was announced the show would have a Flash family feel. The pilot was produced March 2017.


Neil Patrick Harris (who played the Flash in Justice League: The New Frontier) and Jason Marsden (Who voiced Bart Allen in Young Justice) were the first to be selected. Crispin Freeman later joined the cast as Wally West, with Geoff Pierson returning to voice Jay Garrick. By the ppilot's premiere in April 2017, the cast had been fully assembled.


Speed Force received notable influence not only from Geoff Johns' Flash, but also from his Teen Titans work. It received its animation style from Young Justice, along with its complicated story pattern.

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