The Owlman

Real Name:

Lincoln March/Thomas Wayne Junior


Lincoln March

Thomas Wayne Junior








Hair - Black

Eyes - Black

Gender - Male

Portayed by:

John Hamm


The Knight of Gotham

The Knight of Shadows (Cameo)


The Knight of GothamEdit

According to him, Thomas and Martha Wayne were his parents, and Martha gave birth to him. But a depression and lack of money to raise two sons caused Lincoln to go to the orphanage. He later figured out his mother was Martha.

The Court of Owls rescued him, and then decided to make him a powerful government offical,and soon they decided to annouch him as the long lost son of the Waynes and take over Gotham. However, Bruce returned to Gotham... and they had to change thier apporach. They named him Lincoln March, and he started running to be the next mayor of Gotham City.

At one party, he annouched his plans. He met Bruce and he pretended to be his friend. The Talon tried to kill Bruce, but failed. Later, Lincoln was driving home when the Talon attacked him.

The Court said it was a mistake, but he saw thru the lie. He joined the Court for a short while as the Owlman. While he wasn't the leader, he was a powerful member. He saw Batman escape, and began the Night of the Owls. He took a heart stopping pill that lasted for 2 minutes then started it again to make people beleive he was dead. Once that was done, he went to his old home, where he talked with Batman about his past. He revealed he was Thomas Wayne Junior and the two duel. In the end, Lincoln thought Batman was nothing and he was everything, but when Batman told him who he is, Lincoln was frightened and fell on the bomb, killing him.

The Night of Owls caused, started, and ended by Lincoln would haunt Batman every day afterward. However, while a child entered the orphanage at the same time Lincon says he entered, he doesn't, and may never know if Lincoln truely was his brother.


The Owlman is a highly skilled martial artist having been trained personally in ninjutsu and other martial arts. He has proven himself exceptionally good at stealth being able to disappear in the middle of people's sentences and sneaking up on others unexpectedly. Relying on intellect, detective skills, science and technology, wealth, physical prowess, and intimidation in his war on Batman, he is a force to be reckoned with.


He is very mysterious and very sinster.


  • Lincoln March/Thomas Wayne Junior
  • Owlman