"The Speed Force" is the 4th movie in the 3rd level in The DC Movie Universe


Chris Zylka as Barry Allen/The Flash II

Cameron Boyce as Young Barry Allen

Blake Lively as Iris West-Allen

James Caan as Jay Garrick/The Flash I

Leslie Bibb as Patty Spivot

Chace Crawford as Wally West/Kid Flash

Hayden Christensen as Eobard Thawne/Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash

Jon Hamm as Leonard Snart/Captain Cold

Milo Ventimiglia as Sam Scudder/Mirror Master

Eric Bana as George Harkness/Captain Boomerang

Jamie Chung as Linda Park

Bill Nighy as G. Gordon Godfrey

Terence Howard as James Forrest

John Leguizamo as David Singh

Clint Eastwood as Captain Darryl Frye

Ashley Benson as Lisa Snart/Lisa Star/Golden Glider

Gwyneth Paltrow as Nora Allen

Josh Duhamel as Henry Allen

Judi Dench as Joan Williams-Garrick

Zack Quinto as Paul Gambi

John Stossel as Rudolph "Rudy" West

Jessica Chastain as Mary West

Amanda Seyfried as Jesse Chambers

Macaulay Culkin as Johnny Quick

John Cusack as Max Mercury

Tom Cavanagh as Lewis Snart

Corey Stoll as Mick Rory


After his last fight with the Flash, Professor Zoom disappeared without a trace. It's then revealed that Zoom ran so fast that his physical form degenerated into a physical, invisible force. Eobard is amazed at his new and amazing surroundings. Suddenly, before he knows it, he finds himself thrust out of the force and into the middle of a street. He manages to use his super-speed to avoid the cars. He then notices that the cars are hovering above the ground, confusing him. He then notices that the people on the streets are wearing flashy and bright clothing. He quickly runs off with his super speed and notices that buildings are taller. He then notices the flying cars above him as well as hologram statues in front of buildings. A distracted Zoom then ends up crashing into a holo-newspaper kiosk. He grabs a display device that features the paper and starts reading it. He then notices the date, June 11, 2401, which shocks Eobard when he finds out that he's in the 25th century.

In the present, in Central City, at the scene of a drive-by shooting, Captain Darryl Frye, along with CSI specialists David Singh and James Forrester arrive. Darryl asks them if they've found anything. James replies that he's found traces of blood on the streets and starts analyzing it while David starts examining the tire tracks. David though says that he needs his tools, which are with Barry, who's late. Meanwhile, across town, the Flash is chasing after a getaway van full of criminals. 2 of them start firing at him, but he easily dodges their bullets as he speeds up to catch up to them. As he's running, he gets a call from David, who asks him where he's at. Flash though lies and says that he's stuck in traffic, but David instantly knows he's lying since he doesn't own a car. Flash starts faking a disconnection and tells him he'll be there and then hangs up. He then catches up to the van and manages to rip off the door, knocking the driver out of the van. The van then crashes into a lamppost, but the other 2 robbers get up and start running, but Flash quickly catches them and leaves them tied to the lamppost. He then speeds off toward the crime scene and once he arrives, he quickly seals his costume in his ring. He then helps David analyze the tire tracks and helps him figure out that they belong to a 2006 Chevy Silverado and that the driver was carrying sandbags due to the grains of sand on the tracks. James then says that the victim was Harrison Wells, a 22-year old man that worked at a steel factory. Darryl then alerts his men to look out for a 2006 Chevy Silverado carrying sandbags. David and James praise Barry for finding the clues, but then berate him for being late. David then asks him what took him so long, but Barry lies again and says that he and Iris were "making love".

Later, Barry speeds off through the city to meet Iris at a cafe for a date. The 2 talk about their wedding plans and about his double life as the Flash, which will make having a family seemingly impossible. A new daytime sensationalist talk show then comes on, featuring G. Gordon Godfrey, who criticizes superheroes, especially Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, The Flash, Aquaman, Captain Marvel, and Cyborg who he believes are aliens that have illegally come to this planet and have used their powers to cause destruction and chaos. He especially criticizes the Flash for possessing extraordinary speed that can possibly alter Earth's physics and history, and that these heroes have turned kids all over into thugs and brutes due to all of the senseless violence and destruction they cause. He also blames these heroes for bringing all of these "supervillains" to Earth, who are all probably just victims of these heroes' acts that want justice for the injustices they've suffered. After watching this, Barry becomes angered at Godfrey's accusations, but Iris calms him down by assuring him that not everyone doesn't believe in superheroes like Godfrey does.

Meanwhile, outside of town, a prison transport van containing Leonard Snart, Digger Harkness, and Sam Scudder is on its way to Iron Heights Prison. Scudder and Harkness are worried about getting sent back to Iron Heights, especially since most of the Injustice League are being sent there, but Leonard acts calm and tries to reassure them. When they ask him why he's so calm, Leonard just tells them that he simply called in a favor. Suddenly, the van stops and slides as it comes to a halt. A woman then opens up the back of the car and frees them. Leonard introduces them to his sister, Lisa, as she leads them to her car and they drive off. At Central City, Barry and Iris are on their way to pick up Wally, who tells them about the grand opening of a Flash museum coming soon, much to Barry's discomfort. Suddenly, while driving, Barry sees an astral projection of the Reverse-Flash running alongside them, causing Barry to swerve to a stop, but when he looks again, he's gone.

Later, Barry heads to his lab to analyze some evidence, when Captain Frye tells him to report to Singh for his latest assignment and to drop his current case. Singh then gets him and Patty to cover a murder-suicide and to drop their double homicide case, much to Patty's irritation. While analyzing some DNA, Barry looks back over at his board of evidence that he collected for his father's case. When Patty asks him what's wrong, Barry tells her that even though he figured out who killed his mother, her killer is still at large and that he's not able to move on in his life until he catches him. Patty comforts him and then tells him about her frustrations over how Singh's running the Crime Lab and tries to get James to back her up, but James just tells her that he's doing all the work he can until his retirement. He then tells them that once he retires, he plans to sail around the world on his yacht that he bought at an auction a few years ago. Meanwhile, Lisa drives Leonard, Scudder, and Harkness to their old abandoned warehouse. Lisa gives them back their weapons, but tells them that she was unable to recover their suits. Leonard thanks her for saving them, but Lisa rebuffs him and tells him that she only did it because she doesn't want him to rot in prison and now that he's out, she's done and wants nothing to do with his criminal activity. Leonard tries to get her to stay to prevent her from telling anyone about them and brings up their childhood. In a flashback, it's revealed that Leonard and Lisa's father, Lewis Snart was an alcoholic that abused them as kids. One day, Lewis came home drunk and started severely beating Lisa that he almost killed her until Leonard stopped him. Lewis tosses Leonard outside to beat him with his belt until Lisa tackles him and they fall off the edge of the patio, but Lisa lands on her father, while Lewis dies from the fall.

Lisa angrily yells at him to never bring that up again and tells him that after that day, Leonard went on and became a crook, while she went on and become a famous skater and even changed her name to Lisa Star so that he wouldn't be able to find her. Scudder and Harkness then ask him what they plan to do about their suits, but Leonard just suggests that they pay a visit to a dear friend. Back at the Crime Lab, Singh is getting coffee when he catches Patty looking through the files of a previous case that already went to trial. He confronts her about it, but Patty tells him that she thinks that the person they convicted might be innocent and that they should go over the evidence again. Singh though forbids her and threatens to fire her, but Patty tells him that he doesn't care about his job anyways. Barry and James then arrive and help calm them down. While James talks to Singh, Barry asks Patty what she's doing, but Patty just angrily storms off. Meanwhile, at his house, Wally sits on the couch, watching TV, when his father, Rudy comes in and yells at him to get off the couch and do something, but Wally's mom, Mary defends Wally, causing the 2 of them to start arguing again, so Wally leaves and decides to go to Iris's place to crash. Along the way, Wally starts feeling strange and starts vibrating. He then starts running and takes off at super-speed down the road. Wally realizes that he has super-speed and enjoys his new powers by zooming around the city. He then zips to Barry's apartment and arrives in an instant, much to Barry's shock as Wally reveals to him his new powers. A shocked Barry makes Wally promise to not tell Iris and quickly calls his friend, Dr. Jay Garrick to take a look at Wally.

Once he arrives, Jay examines Wally's blood and DNA and finds it similar to Barry's, in terms of speed adrenals, and asks how this happened. Barry and Wally then remember back when he got struck by lightning while fighting Grodd a year ago. Barry tries to tell Wally about his new powers, but an impatient Wally runs off to grab some food. Iris then arrives to see Barry, causing Barry to tell Jay to hide the equipment. Suddenly, Wally runs back in at superspeed with fast food, much to Iris's shock. Barry and Wally then explain to her about Wally's new powers. Wally then asks Barry to train him on how to use his new powers, but Barry's reluctant and refuses. At Paul Gambi's shop, Snart, Scudder, and Harkness arrive and ask him to make them some new suits. Paul though refuses and says that he's almost gotten caught by the police and can't seem suspicious by dealing with them. Scudder tries to convince Paul, since they're old friends, but Paul still refuses and tries to kick them out. Leonard though acts violent and threatens Paul, unless he makes them their suits, which Paul accepts. Leonard then tells him to make an extra costume for his sister. When Paul asks him why, Leonard says that he's sure that his sister won't be able to resist the "fun" they're gonna have.

The next day, at downtown Central City, a crowd gathers as the opening for the new Flash museum is opening. In the crowd are Patty and James. James starts wondering where Barry's at, but Patty assures him that he'll show up soon. Iris, Wally, and Jay then arrive and start to wonder where Barry's at. Iris then tells Wally to not show his powers to anyone, especially his parents, which Wally assures that he won't. Back at Paul Gambi's shop, Leonard sees on the TV about the Flash museum opening and tells Scudder and Harkness that they should pay their old friend, the Flash, a visit, which they both agree to. Paul then comes out and shows them their new outfits, which they like. Captain Cold then tells Paul to send his sister's costume to her penthouse in the city and tell her that it's a gift from him. At the Crime Lab, Barry and Singh watch the Flash museum opening. Singh asks Barry if he's going, but Barry says that he's gonna stay to finish his work, so Singh leaves to go to the museum. As soon as Singh leaves, Barry changes into his costume and runs down to the museum to cut the ceremonial ribbon. In the crowd, Wally spots a friend from school, Linda Park, who's an intern at a newspaper. Wally goes over to greet her and the 2 talk about the museum. Linda then tells him that she hopes to get the front page with her story about the museum's opening. Linda then tells Wally to call her sometime and moves her way to the front of the crowd. Suddenly, the Flash arrives, causing the crowd to cheer as he waves to them. Suddenly, 2 boomerangs hit the stage, causing an explosion as Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang appear. Captain Cold announces that they're the Rogues and calls out the Flash and tells him that they wanna catch up.

He then fires a freeze blast at him, but the Flash dodges it and runs toward them, but it turns out to be one of Mirror Master's illusions as Captain Boomerang tosses boomerangs at him, exploding and knocking him down. The crowd starts panicking as Captain Boomerang tosses boomerangs at them, but the Flash uses his speed to catch them, but gets hit by an ice blast. Wally wants to help, but Iris and Jay tell him that he'll just get in the way. Wally then sees that Linda's being attacked by Mirror Master as he creates a maze of mirrors to trap the crowd. Wally though manages to save her after he distracts Mirror Master. He then gets Linda to safety as she thanks him for saving her. Suddenly, the police, led by Captain Frye, arrive and try to stop the Rogues, but Captain Cold fires freeze blasts at them. The Flash tries to stop him, but Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang attack him. They hold him back as Captain Cold freezes his legs and tells him to watch as he destroys this museum dedicated to his huge ego. Suddenly, the Flash starts vibrating and breaks free from Mirror Master and Captain Boomerang and slams into Captain Cold, causing his freeze gun to accidentally fire a freeze blast at Jay. Flash screams and runs toward Jay, but realizes that he's not fast enough to save him. Suddenly, Jay runs out of the way of the freeze blast at superspeed, much to Flash, Iris, and Wally's shock. Iris is in shock that there's 3 speedsters, but Jay grabs her and runs off at superspeed, followed by Wally. The police surround the Rogues, but they manage to escape, due to Mirror Master's mirror illusions.

The Flash runs around the area, hoping to find them somewhere. Suddenly, he sees Professor Zoom/Reverse-Flash running alongside him, causing the Flash to stop as he looks in shock as Professor Zoom appears in front of him. He greets Barry, who's in shock that he's still alive, but Professor Zoom tells him that he's more than alive and has new mastery over their powers. He then tells Barry that he'll see him again later and runs off. The Flash runs after him, but is too slow to catch up to him. The Flash then speeds to his apartment, where he finds Jay, Iris, and Wally there. Barry, Iris, and Wally confront Jay about his powers, but Jay tries to explain himself and tells them that he got his powers a long time ago, in the 1940's. He then tells them that he grew up in Keystone City and used to read all sorts of comics, but his favorite hero was the Whiz. He then tells them that he studied at Midwestern University and majored in physics and also met his future wife, Joan Williams. He then tells them that he did an experiment to create a particle accelerator, but his colleagues were unable to finish it, due to the limited technology of their time. Jay though tells them that he didn't give up and continued to work on it, but then one day, during a lightning storm, Jay worked on the accelerator, when suddenly, a bolt of lightning struck the particle accelerator, causing it to explode and unleash unknown energies that struck him.

Jay then says that after that accident, he discovered that he had super-speed abilities and became known as the Flash. Barry remembers that name and realizes that Jay was the one that helped him come up with the name because he was passing on his legacy. Jay then says that he went on to join a superhero team and even married Joan, despite knowing the dangers that she would be in. Jay though says that since he didn't use a secret identity, his enemy, the Rival used Joan to get to him. Jay then says that after that, he decided to retire from fighting crime. Iris though asks him about Joan, but Jay says that he told her that he needed some time alone and left her for her safety, but they're still married regardless. When Wally asks him why he hid this from them, Jay says that he wanted Barry to become his own man, his own hero and not try to live up to him. At Lisa's apartment, she arrives home and finds the costume that Paul made in her living room, along with a note from Leonard, much to her anger. Suddenly, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, and Captain Boomerang emerge from the kitchen. Lisa threatens to call the police again, but Snart freezes her phone and tells her that they need a place to hideout and forces her to comply. Later, Barry tells Jay that Thawne's back somehow and is now even faster than him. Jay though realizes that Thawne must've tapped into the Speed Force. When Barry asks what the Speed Force is, Jay tells him that the Speed Force is made up of extradimensonal energy that can be accessed by any speedsters and that many other speedsters have tapped into it, but it can also be dangerous. Meanwhile, Wally calls Linda to see if she's fine from earlier. He then tries to ask her out, but is unable to find the right words and Linda's forced to hang up when her father calls her.

Back at Lisa's apartment, Captain Cold shows his sister something that he and Mirror Master invented, skates that can create their own ice, allowing her to skate anywhere. Captain Cold even dubs her, "Golden Glider" but Lisa refuses to take part in their criminal activities. Captain Cold though just says that it's only a matter of time before she gives in to her criminal instincts. Meanwhile, Barry continues to search the entire town for Thawne, but can't find any trace of him. When Barry returns home, he finds Wally there, who tells him that he can't control his new powers and that he wants him to teach him how to control and use his powers. Barry refuses because he doesn't want Wally to get involved in becoming a hero. Wally though tells him that he's scared and wants someone to help him through this difficult change, causing Barry to finally agree to help him, but only on the condition that he follows his rules and doesn't get himself involved in fighting crime.

The next day, Barry and Jay start Wally's training by taking him to an abandoned airbase, where he can run freely and tries to teach him how to control his speed. Jay even continues teaching Barry and Wally about the Speed Force and trains them as well, teaching Barry and Wally new abilities to use their powers. Barry then remembers that he has to be at work and superspeeds off to the police station. At the station, Singh berates Barry for being late, but Patty covers for him by telling him that Barry went to get him coffee and forces Barry to give him his cup of coffee that he bought. Meanwhile, Wally and Jay continue training, until Wally asks him how come he hasn't been using his speed to fight crime, since he could still do some good, but Jay tells him that he's gotten slower in his old age. Jay then tells him about a serum that he's developing to make him faster, but has failed 6 times and is currently working on Velocity 7, an updated version of the serum. Wally then asks him about Joan, but Jay refuses to talk about her and insists that they get back to training. Wally though advises him that he should call her sometime. At Lisa's apartment, Leonard explains his newest plan to Scudder and Harkness to rob the local mint. Scudder though asks about the Flash, but Leonard tells him that this time, Lisa will be joining them and use her skates to defeat the Flash. Lisa though refuses to join them, but Leonard threatens her with his freeze gun and forces her to join them. Later, at the mint, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Captain Boomerang, and their newest member, "Golden Glider" break in to the local mint, setting off the alarm. Lisa struggles using her new skates, but Leonard advises her to use them like regular skates, which she does, causing her to freeze the floor, tripping the guards. At the police station, Captain Frye tells them that there's been a robbery at the local mint by Snart and his team. When Barry hears this, he tells Patty to cover for him as he instantly changes into the Flash and zips off. He arrives at the mint and takes on the Rogues as Captain Cold uses his freeze gun, but Barry manages to dodge all of his blasts. Captain Boomerang though uses some explosive boomerangs to distract him while Mirror Master uses his mirror belt to try and send Flash into the mirror world, but Flash manages to escape and uses his speed to take down Boomerang and Mirror Master and retrieve the stolen cash, but, before he can take down Snart, Golden Glider makes her entrance and introduces herself to the Flash, where Snart introduces her as his sister. Golden Glider then starts skating around the room, freezing the floor around her as Flash tries to stop her, but trips over the ice and slams into a stack of crates, allowing the Rogues to escape in their getaway van. The police then arrive, causing Flash to speed off, but before he leaves, Darryl spots a red blur inside.

Meanwhile, as the Rogues drive away in their getaway van, a yellow blur appears in their rearview mirror, when suddenly, the Reverse-Flash appears in front of them, causing them to stop. Snart recognizes him and tells him to leave them alone since he and his gang need to return to their hideout before the cops find them. Professor Zoom though tells them that they're in no position to make demands and tells them that he needs their help to end the Flash. The Rogues though claim that they're not interested in killing the Flash, just the big score, but Zoom points out that if Flash was gone, they would be able to score easier. He then gives them a few hours to decide and speeds off. At Barry's apartment, Iris visits him and asks him if he's ok, but Barry tells her about the Rogues' new member and that Professor Zoom is still at large, but Iris calms him down and tells him that he's doing everything he can. When he asks about Wally, Iris tells him that his training with Jay is progressing. Barry then asks about their engagement, but Iris says that they can't think about this while everything is going on, but Barry asks her if she'd like to get married this weekend and points out that she's the only thing keeping him grounded and that he doesn't want to take advantage of her or keep waiting and wants to be with her. Iris then accepts and the 2 kiss. Later, while walking home from training, Wally runs into Linda, who's on her way to her new job as an intern at the Central City newspaper. Wally walks with her and they talk, where Linda tells him about her dream of being a reporter. When they arrive at the newspaper, Wally asks her out of a date, which Linda accepts and says goodbye. Wally then returns home and finds his parents arguing. His father, Rudy then demands Wally to get back in here, but his mother, Mary yells at him to not get Wally involved. Wally though shouts at both of them that they should just get a divorce and spare everyone the tension and then storms off. At his apartment, Patty calls Barry and tells him that Singh wants him here, so Barry speeds off to the station. When he arrives, Singh berates him for not showing up at the crime scene and disappearing, but Captain Frye defends him and then takes Barry outside. In a flashback, after the murder of his mother and his father's arrest, a young Barry Allen sits in the police station, visibly shocked and crying. Captain Darryl Frye though sits beside him and comforts him as he hugs Barry and assures him that everything will work out. Back in the present, Darryl takes Barry outside and asks him what's wrong with him lately, since he's been noticing his recent strange behavior. Barry tries to assure him that he's fine, but Darryl knows he's lying since he knows him better than that. Barry though tells him that he's just been stressed out, due to his engagement with Iris and work and the fear that he might not be a good husband. Darryl though assures him that he'll be fine and that everyone gets wedding jitters, but he must know if he's ready to take this next step with Iris. Darryl then tells him that he can come to him for anything, which Barry appreciates.

At Lisa's apartment, the Rogues discuss whether to accept Professor Zoom's offer, which Mirror Master refuses and points out that they aren't murderers and that the Rogues have a code, doing this will violate it. Captain Boomerang agrees with him, but Captain Cold points out that they don't have to be the one killing Flash, they just need to help him capture Flash, while Lisa points out that if they do this, then they'll be able to make multiple scores. Snart points out that she seems adjusted to the criminal life, but Lisa tells her that she gets it now and why he chose this life. Later, Professor Zoom arrives and asks for their answer, which Captain Cold accepts. Mirror Master though stands up and tells him that he doesn't want to be a part of this. In an instant, Reverse-Flash speeds behind him and vibrates his hand through his chest, killing him. Captain Cold, Golden Glider, and Captain Boomerang then accept. At Barry's apartment, Wally arrives and asks to stay with him for a while since he got into a fight with his parents. Barry agrees and lets him in. Once inside, Wally tells him about his date with Linda, so Barry tells him to be himself, but also not expose his super-speed, while Barry tells him that he's marrying his aunt, Iris this weekend, which Wally congratulates him on. Barry then asks Wally to be his best man, which Wally accepts. Later, while Wally showers, Barry turns the TV to Godfrey's talk show, where Godfrey starts criticizing the Flash and his recent fluke with the Rogues robbery. A frustrated and angry Barry then speeds off and appears in Godfrey's studio as the Flash, where he confronts Godfrey about his attacks against him and the League, but Godfrey points out that the world is scared of them, since they have special abilities and, if they turn bad, could cause destruction and mayhem and that they must be able to protect themselves from them. Flash though insists that they would never turn evil, but Godfrey asks how they're supposed to trust him or take his word, which Flash can't answer. At Barry's apartment, when Wally walks in the living room, he sees the Flash on TV and calls Iris, telling her to turn to channel 184. At her apartment, Iris turns on her TV and sees Barry on G. Gordon Godfrey's show, much to her surprise. Later, at Barry's apartment, Jay angrily berates him for not only humiliating himself, but also the League, while also making the public even more afraid of him, but Barry points out that he can't just keep harassing and criticizing him and the League, but Jay points out that his actions are legal.

The next day, at the police station, James packs up his desk and tells them that he's retiring and tomorrow is his last day, but he'll only be showing up to turn in his badge and equipment. He then says goodbye to Barry, Patty, Singh and Darryl. Before he leaves, he wishes Patty and Barry good luck dealing with Singh. Meanwhile, as he sits, Jay takes out his cell phone and dials his wife, Joan. When Joan answers, Jay hesitates and hangs up. In a flashback, Jay is on a date with Joan Williams, before he hears police sirens and excuses himself. He then speeds off and comes back later, where he apologizes to Joan, but she understands. He then picks her up and speeds off on a romantic date. Later, Jay visits Barry, Iris, and Wally, where he reveals that he made a special yellow friction-less suit for Wally's powers and shows it to them. Wally thinks it's awesome, but Barry tells him that he can't wear this, since he doesn't want him involved in crimefighting and getting hurt. 3 days later, Barry and Iris make preparations for their wedding tomorrow by getting their tuxes and dresses ready. As they get ready, Jay gives Barry some last-minute wedding advice, while Barry thanks Jay for all of his help and tells him that he's been like a father to him lately, especially since his real father has passed away years ago. Meanwhile, Professor Zoom meets with the Rogues, who ask him about what his plan is, but Eobard tells them that he just wants to destroy everything and everyone that the Flash holds dear to him. The next day, Barry and Iris's wedding begins, which is attended by Jay, Wally, Darryl, Singh, Patty, James, Rudy, Mary, Linda, Paul, even Joan, much to Jay's surprise. Wally though reveals that he called her and told her to come by and meet him. Jay then nervously goes up to her, where they awkwardly greet each other. Jay then apologizes to her, but Joan just asks him why he did it. Jay then asks her if she remembers May 4, 1965, which Joan remembers. Jay tells her that, on that day, they were enjoying themselves when suddenly, his enemy, the Rival appeared and captured Joan, because Jay didn't keep a secret identity. Jay raced after him and managed to corner him on a mountain, where Rival mocked Jay, who attacked him, causing Joan to fall over the mountain's edge. Jay desperately raced after her and was almost not fast enough, but he managed to catch her by her hand, saving her. Jay then tells her that on that day, he realized how dangerous his life was and the threats she faced because of him and the only reason that he left was because he wanted to protect her because she was the most precious thing to him. Joan though tells him that she wanted to be by his side and wants to face their lives together and kisses him as they reconcile and embrace each other.

As the ceremony begins, everyone rises while Iris walks down the aisle towards Barry. Suddenly, as soon as the priest starts, Professor Zoom zooms in and appears beside them. He then grabs Iris and zips off, leaving everyone stunned. While everyone is distracted, Barry speeds off after him as the Flash, zipping through the city. As Flash begins to catch up to him, Zoom mocks him and stops at the top of a skyscraper, where Eobard dangles Iris over the edge. Flash corners him and begs him to let Iris go, but Eobard tells him that he can't do that and reveals to him that he's been to the future. He then tells him that while he was in the future, he went to the Flash museum and learned about the Flash's secret identity and that he was destined to be his greatest enemy, battling him for decades, which made him realize that no matter what he did, he was never gonna be like the Flash, so he decided that he should be the reverse and destroy everyone and everything that Barry has ever cared for. Barry though tells him that he'll stop him and save Iris, but Eobard points out that if he's here to save her, then who's going to save all of the guests at the wedding. Suddenly, at the wedding, Captain Cold, Captain Boomerang, and Golden Glider appear and start attacking civilians. As the Rogues attack, James tries to protect Patty, but gets his legs frozen by Captain Cold, severely injuring him. As panic ensues, Jay uses his speed to get Joan to safety. During the commotion, Boomerang tosses some exploding boomerangs through the air. As one of them heads toward Linda, Wally uses his speed to save her, exposing his super-speed to her in the process. A hysterical Linda starts freaking out, but Wally calms her down by kissing her and tells her that she needs to get to somewhere safe and that he'll explain everything to her later. When Linda asks what he's gonna do, Wally tells her that he needs to stop the Rogues and keep the people safe, but he'll need some help. He then speeds off and finds Jay and Joan, where he asks Jay if he has his costume. Jay warns him that Barry forbid him to wear it, but Wally tells him that they don't have time and needs it. Jay then gives him the costume and Wally tries it on. Wally then tells Jay that he can't handle the Rogues alone and needs his help, but Jay insists that he's retired and won't be fast enough to stop them or save anybody. Wally though insists that he needs him now and has to come out of retirement. Jay hesitates, but Joan convinces him that it's his only choice and that she needs him to be the man that she originally fell in love with. The 2 then kiss as Jay changes into his costume. When Wally points out his lack of a mask, Jay responds by vibrating his face, covering up his identity. The 2 of them then speed off back to the wedding, where Wally notices his parents are in danger from Captain Cold's freeze gun and uses his speed to save them. A shocked Rudy and Mary recognize Wally through the mask, but Wally tells them that he'll explain later and rushes them to safety. Back at the skyscraper, Professor Zoom drops Iris off the edge, but Barry races after. Professor Zoom though speeds after him, trying to prevent Barry from saving Iris. As Iris approaches the ground, Barry manages to create a speed mirage to distract Eobard and then arrives at the bottom, where he creates a tornado vacuum to catch Iris, saving her. He then grabs Iris and speeds off, with Eobard close behind.

Back at the wedding, as Captain Boomerang tosses more boomerangs, Wally appears and catches all of them. When Captain Cold asks him who he is, Wally announces that he's "Kid Flash." Cold then mocks him for trying to take on all of them, but Wally tells them that he has some help, from the original Flash. Jay then appears and takes out Golden Glider, surprising the other Rogues. While Singh and Linda get everyone else to safety, Darryl tries to help Patty free James. Jay continues to struggle to use his speed to dodge Captain Cold's ice blasts due to his age, while Golden Glider uses her skates to freeze the ground around him, causing Jay to stumble to the ground. Jay though twirls his arms into tornadoes and knocks Golden Glider back. The Flash then arrives and gets Iris to safety before taking down Captain Boomerang and Golden Glider and uses his powers to free James from the ice. He then notices Wally wearing his costume and mentions that it looks good on him. He then tells him to make sure everyone is safe and then speeds over to Jay, who recovers and notes that he's "getting too old for this shit." Darryl then tries to arrest the Rogues, telling them that they've been defeated, but Captain Cold tells them that he's not done yet as Captain Boomerang detonates the explosive boomerangs lying around. Flash, Jay, and Wally desperately race to retrieve the explosives before they go off, but Darryl fires a shot at Captain Cold, hitting him in the shoulder. Captain Cold retaliates by firing an ice blast at Darryl, creating a chunk of ice that pierces his chest. As they retrieve the boomerangs, Jay creates a wind vortex to send them into the air, where they harmlessly detonate. Flash then notices Darryl's hurt and takes out Snart before speeding to Darryl's side. Darryl congratulates "Barry" for saving the town. Flash tries to cover it up, but Darryl tells him that he knows he's the Flash and knew for quite some time, noting that he was the one who helped raise him and knows what he's capable of, especially after he got struck by lightning years ago, around the same time as the Flash appeared. Flash removes his mask and thanks Darryl for everything that he's done for him and calls him "Dad." Darryl then dies in Barry's arm, while Snart takes advantage of this by freeing the other Rogues and they manage to escape using Mirror Master's old mirror belt. Eobard then appears before Barry and mocks him by telling him that he's not fast enough to save everyone, especially his loved ones, and then notes that he's going to find the one device that he can use to make his life worse and then speeds off. Iris and Wally though stop Barry from going after him, while Jay realizes what Eobard's going after. The 3 of them speed over to Jay's house, where they find Eobard activating Jay's treadmill, which Eobard reveals that he's reconfigured it to allow him to travel through time. Barry, Wally, and Jay though stop him and chase after him. The 4 of them race around the world, with Barry and Wally getting closer to Eobard, but Jay is unable to keep up with them.

Eobard though takes out a serum he stole from Jay's house called "Velocity 7" and injects himself with it, making him faster and faster until he suddenly disappears again. Wally asks if it's over, but Barry refuses to let Eobard get away again and speeds back to Jay's apartment with Wally and Jay. He then asks about the treadmill, which Jay reveals that he designed to allow him to train his speed while also act as a power conduit to the Speed Force. Barry then tells them that he's going after Thawne and needs their help. They all get on the treadmill and start running on it. As they run, they manage to generate enough energy to create a wormhole into the Speed Force, which Jay and Wally slingshot Barry into. As he travels through the Speed Force, Barry watches glimpses of the past, present, and future, including Darryl raising a young Barry, Barry's wedding to Iris, and Darkseid's upcoming invasion of Earth. He then spots Eobard within the Speed Force and confronts him, where Eobard reveals that he's traveling back further into time, before he went back in time to kill Barry's mother, to kill his father and mother before he's even born, but Barry tackles Eobard, knocking them out of the Speed Force. When Barry wakes up, he finds himself back inside his childhood home. He quickly hides as he watches his younger self packs up his belongings. A young Darryl then meets him outside and assures him that this is only temporary. They then get into his car, where they drive off. Barry then realizes that he's in the year 2000, a month after his mother's death. He then suddenly realizes something and speeds off. At Iron Heights Penitentiary, Henry Allen sits in his cell, quietly thinking to himself. Suddenly, a red blur zips through the prison as the Flash appears before Henry in his cell. Henry is shocked and surprised at his appearance and starts calling for the guards, but Barry calms him down and assures him that he's here to help him. Henry then asks who he is, so Barry removes his mask and reveals his name. Henry is shocked and refuses to believe at first that he's his son, but Barry tells him everything that's happened and even reveals that he knows who actually killed his mother. Barry even shows him his birthmark on his arm, causing Henry to believe him. Henry then starts crying as he becomes emotional and admits that he's proud that his son would grow up to be such a great, caring person. The 2 of them then embrace as Barry reveals that he came here because in 2 months, there's going to be a prison riot and Henry will die, but he's here to save him. Henry though refuses to let his son rescue him, telling him that if he escapes, he'll become a wanted man and will make him look even guiltier for Nora's murder. Barry though starts tearing up as he begs his dad to let him save him, but Henry assures him that whatever happens, it happens for a reason, since his death helped shape him into the man he's become now. Barry then tells him that he can travel back even further into time and save Nora, preventing her death and reuniting the Allen family, but Henry warns him that doing this will alter the timeline and make him into a different man and that he doesn't want his son, nor thinks that he should undo the damage that Eobard has caused, but tells him that he's proud of his son, the Flash. Henry then tells Barry that he needs to keep running and make sure that Eobard never hurts anyone ever again. A tearful Barry says goodbye to his father as he speeds off out of the prison.

Barry then heads to young Jay's apartment, where he finds Eobard and a tied up Jay, along with the treadmill. Eobard is about to kill Jay, when Barry stops him and frees Jay. Eobard then speeds off, but Barry follows closely behind him. The 2 continue to race tirelessly around the world, viciously beating and pummeling each other as Barry angrily shouts at Eobard that he will not hurt him or his family ever again. As the 2 of them get faster and faster, their energies become unstable as they create a wormhole, which Eobard travels through. Barry though refuses to let him get away and travels after him through the wormhole, pulling them back into the Speed Force. Eobard then notes that while he can't go back any further to kill his parents, he can at least travel back and kill Barry's loved ones, while leaving him trapped in the Speed Force. As Barry and Eobard fight and struggle within the Speed Force, suddenly, other speedsters trapped within the Speed Force appear, including Johnny Quick, Max Mercury, and Jesse Chambers, who all grab onto Eobard and start slowly pulling him further into the Speed Force. The other speedsters encourage Barry to hurry and get back home as they continue sucking Eobard in. Eobard then curses Barry's name until he's eventually pulled within the Speed Force and becomes energy. The other speedsters salute Barry as he continues running. Back at the wedding, while everyone cleans up, suddenly, a giant wormhole appears, causing everyone to scream. Jay though realizes that it's a portal to the Speed Force and tells Wally and Iris that Barry's trying to get back home, but he's having a hard time finding his way back to reality. In a daring move, Iris gets closer to the wormhole and puts her hand through it. Inside the Speed Force, Barry begins to hear Iris's voice as she appears before him, urging him to come back home and that everyone, especially her, needs him back. Barry grabs onto Iris's hand and she manages to pull him out. The 2 of them reunite as Jay and Wally join them. Later, the ceremony continues and Barry and Iris are officially married. Wally's parents then confront him over his new powers, where Wally tells them about his accident and how he has been working with Barry and Jay to control his new powers. Barry then reveals to them his secret identity as the Flash, while Iris reveals that she knew, much to their shock. Despite this, Wally's parents tell him how proud they are and they both agree that Wally's the best thing that ever happened to them. Wally then embraces his parents.

The next day, a funeral for Darryl is held, which is attended by Barry, Iris, Wally, Jay, Joan, Linda, Singh, Patty, James, Rudy, Mary, and Paul, where they comfort a grieving Barry. Later, Wally meets up with Linda, who asks him about his new powers and even his costume. Wally tells her about his accident and that he never wanted her to find out, because he was afraid she wouldn't like him if she knew the truth. Linda though tells Wally that she's not that shallow, but then admits that she always knew there was something weird about him. She then says, "I like weird," and the 2 of them embrace and share a kiss, where Wally admits that he likes her a lot, and Linda admits she cares for him, officially becoming a couple. As they stand near the grave, Jay and Joan go over to Barry and Iris to offer their condolences. Barry then thanks Jay for all of his help, not only giving him and Wally a costume and training him and Wally, but for also providing guidance and wisdom to him. He then tells Jay about the other speedsters that helped him in the Speed Force, but Jay admits that there have been many speedsters throughout the years, but they eventually all succumb to the Speed Force, but the reasons that they haven't is because there's something, or "someone" keeping them tied to reality, Joan and Iris. Barry then asks Jay what he's going to do next, but Jay reveals that he and Joan are moving back to Keystone City together, but Jay promises Barry that if he ever needs help, he'll be there. At the Flash Museum, Barry, Iris, and Wally visit, where they see the new exhibit dedicated to the original Flash and Kid Flash. Barry then confronts Wally about his new costume and identity, but Wally tells him that he was given this speed just like him, and like him, he wants to use it to keep people save, stop the bad guys, and protect those he loves. Barry then agrees to take him on as his protege, but makes him promise to always listen to him and obey his orders, which Wally agrees to do. Barry then teases him over his name, "Kid Flash," as they leave the museum. As they leave, Barry picks up his new wife and speeds off to the roof of their new house. As they sit there, Iris kisses Barry while they wonder about their future. Iris then tells him that whatever the future holds for him, she's just happy that she gets to face it with him by her side and the 2 kiss.

In a mid-credits scene, at a welding shop, a man named Mick Rory works on welding a piece of iron. He then hears a knock at his door and turns off his blowtorch and answers it. At the door, he's greeted by Captain Cold, Golden Glider, and Captain Boomerang, where an injured Cold tells Mick that they need his help. Mick though tells Snart that he's done with this life and wants nothing to do with him, but Snart begs his old friend to help him and his team, since they're now down a member and need a place to hide. Mick hesitates before he eventually lets them come inside.

In a post-credits scene, in his office, G. Gordon Godfrey watches the news report about the Flash's battle with the Reverse-Flash and the Rogues. Gordon then tells his makeup artists to leave him alone for a moment as he turns the TV off. As soon as they leave, G. Gordon reaches inside his desk and takes out a Mother Box, where he calls his "boss," telling him that the heroes of Earth are stronger than he anticipated, but he continues to work against him. He then jokes that he'd like to have a Father Box, like the rest of his Elite, but his "boss" angrily tells him to continue his mission.

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