The DC Entertainment Universe is a whole setting which holds movies, TV shows, and even Comic Books tied to each other somehow. Each will connect stories to one another.



Wave 1-

  1. Batman: Revolution
  2. Superman: Unleashed
  3. Princess Of Amazon
  4. Green Lantern: Infinity
  5. Flash: United 
  6. Aquaman: Unlimited
  7. The Martian
  8. Justice League X
  9. Teen Titans: Rising
  10. Society Of Justice

​Wave 2-

  1. The Outsiders
  2. Earth-2
  3. Princess Amethyst
  4. Supergirl: The Girl Of Steel
  5. Plastic Man: Origins
  6. Superman/Batman: The Beginning
  7. The Ame-Comi
  8. The Legend Of Shazam
  9. Hawkman: Reborn
  10. Lobo: Intergalactic Bounty Hunter 

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